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Online Adult Ed / GED® classes

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PCC’s Adult Ed / GED® online classes allow you to individually prepare for the GED® exam through PCC’s online learning platform, D2L Brightspace.

Class content is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so you can access the material when it works for your schedule. There are no synchronous/scheduled class meetings. Your instructor will be available each week to answer questions and offer support.

The program is divided into 4 online classes covering all four test subject areas and college prep. Start with one or two classes per term. We recommend you start with ABE 0791 Advanced Integrated Reading and Writing and/or ABE 0787 Foundations of Math 2.

  • ABE 0791 Advanced Integrated Reading and Writing: The GED® Reasoning Through Language Arts Test and reading strategies you can apply to all 4 GED® tests
  • ABE 0787 Foundations of Math 2: The GED® Mathematical Reasoning Test and understanding graphs and tables
  • ABE 0792 Social Studies for the GED® and College Prep: The GED® Social Studies Test, for students who want to study social studies in more depth
  • ABE 0793 Science for the GED® and College Prep: The GED® Science Test, for students who want to study science in more depth

Additional resources

In addition to Adult Ed / GED® classes, you can also access:

  • Free GED® Ready practice tests
  • Free GED® official tests
  • A PCC GED tuition scholarship to continue your studies at PCC.

Your instructor will provide more information about eligibility for these resources when you start class.

Eligibility for online classes

  • Basic computer and Internet skills.
  • Regular access to a computer and the Internet.
  • Flexibility, discipline, and good time management skills.
  • Class fees are $78.80 per class for the 2020-2021 academic year. You may take both classes simultaneously.
  • Classes are open to anyone 16 and older.
  • If you are 16 or 17, you have to get an official release from your high school. Submit it to the college’s admission office before registering for classes.

Steps to enroll

  1. New students must apply for admissions.
  2. Attending a virtual GED® Student Orientation and Registration session is highly recommended but not required for online students. During Adult Ed Orientation, you will learn more about the Adult Ed / GED® program, PCC resources, and fee waivers. You’ll also meet Adult Ed Navigators who can help you plan your course schedule.
  3. Complete the Start Guide for Online Learning. It’s filled with useful information that will help you succeed in the online environment. You’ll learn if you are prepared to take an online class, and if you have the necessary skills and resources to succeed.
  4. See the class schedule and find the WEB CRN (course number) to register for the GED® preparation online course. Fully online courses are designated as “WEB.”


Contact instructors for books and class advising:

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