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Application Process

Girl studying in classroomThe Gateway to College High School Completion Program is for students who are 16-21 year old and are interested in completing their high school diploma. While earning their high school diploma, students earn credits toward a college degree.

This is a scholarship program. We pay the tuition, fees, and book costs for those who are accepted into the program.

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Application Steps

Gateway to College: Steps to Apply, Spring 2023

Please note that the Spring 2023 Application Window will be open from January 16th – March 20th.*
*No late applications will be accepted.

Step 1—Gateway to College Interest Form:

Please complete the Gateway to College Interest Form.

This submission will help us to determine your eligibility and let us know you are interested in learning more.  Once you have submitted the interest form, our Outreach & Admissions team will be in touch.

Step 2—Gateway to College Admissions Meeting:

Once you have completed Step 1 our Outreach & Admissions team will be in touch with you. If you elect to apply, we will schedule an initial admissions meeting.

During your admissions meeting we will assist you with completion/submission of the following required items:

  1. PCC Admissions Application 
  2. Gateway to College Enrollment Form
  3. Current High School Transcripts
  4. Address Verification or School District Approval

Step 3—Gateway to College Online Orientation:

Please review the Gateway to College Online Orientation.

Please read through the Gateway to College Online Orientation. We encourage students to review this information with parents/family and anyone else who may have an interest in the student’s education. If you have any questions or need any clarification after reviewing the online orientation, please contact our Outreach & Admissions team at 971-217-7817 or via email at adam.clark3@pcc.edu.

Step 4— Placement Evaluations:

As part of your application to Gateway, we need to evaluate your current academic skill levels. Gateway will utilize PCC’s ALEKS math skills assessment and a writing assessment (essay response) to help make initial placement decisions. Please see the directions below on how to complete this step:

Language Arts: Gateway to College Writing Assessment

*Please write a response to the Gateway to College essay prompt

When you are ready to submit your essay, please email it, as an attachment or Google document, directly to adam.clark3@pcc.edu 

Mathematics: PCC ALEKS Mathematics Evaluation

*You will need a PCC account to complete the ALEKS Mathematics Evaluation.

  1. Log in to MyPCC to take ALEKS
  2. On the MyPCC Home tab, scroll down and on the left side, in the “Quick Links” channel, click on ALEKs math skills
  3. You will need around 90 minutes to complete the test. Do not use calculators, phones, or any outside help.
  4. Once you have completed the ALEKS exam (and all prior steps), please contact us at adam.clark3@pcc.edu to schedule an appointment for your interview.

Step 5—Interview:

After you have completed steps 1-4 above, including submission of all application materials, you will be asked to schedule a one-on-one interview. The interview is designed to help our staff get to know you better so that we can determine how to best serve you.

Interviews are scheduled with our Outreach Coordinator – Adam Clark – only once you have completed steps 1-4. Please contact us at adam.clark3@pcc.edu.

Step 6—Selection committee:

The Gateway Selection Committee will review your full application and make final acceptance decisions. You will receive written notification, via your MyPCC email account, of the committee’s decision.

Please note that acceptance is not guaranteed and space in the program is limited.

Additional Information

If you still have questions, contact us at [opens in newadam.clark3@pcc.edu or 971-217-7817.