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Alex King, Two, 2019, digital photograph

This media file is attached to: Paragon Arts Gallery Student Exhibition Online 2020

Image Description : A background made of cardboard is painted with interlacing black circles creating a net-like pattern. A dresser made of light wood sits in front painted with the same pattern. A white agender person sits hunched over the dresser on the lefthand side of the image. They are wearing a shapeless canvas coat painted with the same pattern. Their face is painted with white interconnected circles with black lines under their eyes. They have a shaved head which is painted with the black circular pattern. Their hand rests atop the dresser where their wrist and fingers and painted with black and white bands.

Alex King, Two, 2019, digital photograph

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This is part of an ongoing body of work in which I explore continual expansion of the interconnectedness weight of emotion. As a bipolar artist I struggle with complicated, dichotomous moods as represented in the choice of color.