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German Amaya, Tribute to the 100 Year Anniversary of Marine Attack Squadron (VMA) 231, 2019, pigma micron black and red archival ink, black acrylic paint, 24″ x 18″

This media file is attached to: Paragon Arts Gallery Student Exhibition Online 2020

I took techniques from instructors Joe Macca, along with direction from Michael Lazarus, to add more to the typical scribbling techniques I've been using, to make images, as well as using color that will stand out. This was my first attempt of using color and scribbling, as I found colored micron pens in the school supply store on campus. The art pieces is a scribbled "Ace of Spade" in the center, with AV8b Harrier jets on the top, and an Vought VE-7F aircraft on the bottom, along with the Marine Corps Emblem, and the VMA 231 squadron logo. This is the United States Marine Corps first aviation squadron. The "Ace of spades" symbolized the "1st" (A)viation (S)quadron, thus using the A and S on the Ace of Spades card. This was the squadron I belonged to, during my military service, and I wanted to make a tribute, and the 100 year anniversary of the squadron had a veteran reunion at MCHQ Quantico, VA. I could not go, but I made this and shared this for those fellow veterans. Mr. Lazarus encouraged me to add the acrylic brush strokes, which enhanced the image.