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German Amaya, The Grass Bitch, 2019, individually painted paper, cut and glued, in triptych layout, 7.5″ x 36″

This media file is attached to: Paragon Arts Gallery Student Exhibition Online 2020

This was a project where we could use different colors to make a collage piece, in triptych layout, for a final project. This is not a "painting" this is a "glue-ing," as everything is glued onto its place. Triangles and blades of grass reveal a psychedelic vision of an entity of another dimension, who left a lasting impression in me, as she used my body for her pleasure. She came out of the grass and seduced me, saying plants urge to be touched, as they seldom are. She left as my friends came to join me outside, breaking her hypnotic hold over me. This is my attempt to bring her essence into this dimension.