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Joey DeSilva, Stallion, 2020, graphite, ink and acrylics on watercolor paper, 23″ x 16.5″

This media file is attached to: Paragon Arts Gallery Student Exhibition Online 2020

This process was an extension on what I had been doing in Una Kim's Drawing with Illustration class last term. I have been working on a few different series of Roosters, Skulls and Horse done in a mixture of Graphite, Inks, Acrylics, and Watercolors, as well as finding natural colorants such as using black tea etc. Each of my paintings, regardless of paint materials used, are usually drawn in detail using Graphite before rendering them into a "painting" format. Using mostly ink and some touches of Acrylic and watercolor paints, I've been experimenting and challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone. Using this method, I often find it a bit unnerving as I fear altering the drawing into a painting. I REALLY liked the 1st draft drawing of this one in particular and was afraid of ruining it. I am however quite happy with the results.