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Jareth Austin, Labyrinth, 2020, acrylic paint, metallic acrylic paint, gel pens, 20″ x 24″

This media file is attached to: Paragon Arts Gallery Student Exhibition Online 2020

I painted this for my class, because the theme was our own choice. I have been a fan of the Jim Henson's film Labyrinth and the late David Bowie since I saw the film in late middle school. I immediately fell in love with Bowie's performance as the movie's antagonist Jareth the Goblin King. Since I first watched the movie, I have listened to a lot of Bowie's music and I have made a lot of fan-art of Jareth and even dressed up as Jareth for Halloween. The Materials used were Acrylic paint, metallic acrylic paint and gel pens. Also this is the largest canvas I have ever painted on and it was hectic to carry on the bus to and from school.