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Term final grade dispute appeal procedure

The deadline to submit a Term Final Grade Dispute Appeal is ninety days after the final term grade was posted. 

The Term Final Grade Dispute Appeal Procedure outlines: 

Step 1

Attempt to Resolve the Final Grade Concern with the Instructor.  This step is mandatory, and needs to be in writing by email from your MyPCC account.   If you have not done this, you need to do so before moving forward. You have thirty days after the final term grade has been posted to contact your instructor. Otherwise, an appeal will not be accepted.

Step 2

Write an essay essay that answers all the questions outlined below.  Your essay must justify your appeal for a grade change:

  1. Name
  2. MyPCC email address
  3. PCC ID
  4. Term of course you are appealing
  5. Course name, and CRN you are appealing

Your essay must justify your appeal for a grade change.  It may sound redundant, however, the following questions need to be answered:

  • Have you communicated your grade dispute with your instructor asking for an explanation of how the grade was determined?
    • Include specific reasons why you believe you were graded improperly, and include supporting evidence, such as statements in the course syllabus, alleged discrepancies in points, or grades received, emails to and from the instructor, etceteras.
    • The written inquiry must be received by the instructor within 30 calendar days of the final course grades being posted.
  • Has your instructor responded to your request in writing?
    • If so, did your instructor address your concerns?
    • If your instructor did not respond, email Appeals.Complaint.Feedback@pcc.edu for who to contact next.
    • When you do contact the Faculty Department Chair, or Program Dean, explain why you believe you were graded improperly.  What were the alleged discrepancies in points, and/or grades?
  • Do you have support documentation supporting your grade dispute?  If so, include them in the appeal.

Step 3

Submit your appeal by completing the feedback form.

You will need to include the following:

  1. Essay
  2. Course Syllabus
  3. Email correspondences with your instructors (and/or Faculty Department Chair, and/or Program Dean) that pertain to your attempt to resolve the grade dispute.
  4. If possible include homework assignments, tests, and other materials that support your argument, etc.

For questions, or assistance on the processes, contact the Appeals, Complaints, Feedback, and Resolution Office by emailing Appeals.Complaints.Feedback@pcc.edu.