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Welcome: Brad Ortman, Interim Director of Facilities
On behalf of Eric Blumenthal, Vice President of Finance and Administration I am pleased to announce Brad Ortman has been named […] Posted April 1, 2020
Jade Menchaca Welcome: Jade Menchaca, District Recycling Program Coordinator
Good afternoon FMS Team, We are excited to share that Jade Menchaca has joined the team as PCC’s Recycling Program […] Posted February 10, 2020
Carmel Dunham Welcome: Carmel Dunham, Sylvania Custodian
We are excited to share that Carmel Dunham has joined the Sylvania Custodial team. Carmel brings five years of custodial […] Posted February 10, 2020
Nora Eguiza de Avila Welcome: Nora Eguiza de Avila & Tim Heard to the SE Custodial Team
Please give a warm welcome to Nora Equiza de Avila and Tim Heard, two new additions to the PCC FMS […] Posted February 10, 2020
Anna Aguila Welcome: Ana Aguila to the SY Custodial Team
We are pleased to announce that Ana Aguila has joined the SY Custodial Team.  She brings extensive customer service experience, having worked […] Posted February 10, 2020
Amy Schweiker Welcome: Amy Schweiker, Service Request Specialist Career Development
Good afternoon FMS Team, I am excited to announce that Amy Schweiker will be working in a 6-month career development […] Posted February 10, 2020
FMS DEI Committee FMS DEI Committee Members for 2019-2020 Academic Year
Hello PCC Community, The FMS DEI Quad Chairs (Kelly Schwartz, Frank Harris, Briar Schoon, and Heidi Van Brocklin) would like to welcome the […] Posted February 10, 2020
Elena Villasenor Welcome Elena Villasenor & Luke Bodnarchuk to SY Custodial Team
Please welcome two new additions to the PCC FMS Sylvania Custodial team, Elena Villasenor and Luke Bodnarchuk. Elena brings nine […] Posted February 10, 2020
Larry Osborn Welcome: Larry Osborn, FMS Associate Maintenance Manager
Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to announce that Larry Osborn has joined FMS as the Associate Maintenance Manager for Cascade […] Posted February 10, 2020
Daniel Douglas Welcome: Daniel Douglas, District Locksmith
Hello PCC Community! We are excited to share that  Daniel Douglas has joined the Zone 1 Maintenance Team as a […] Posted February 10, 2020