Sustainable serviceware options


PCC DurablesWe are excited to transition away from disposables in catering in an effort to minimize our waste stream as much as possible. In July of 2018, Dining Services and the Sustainability Department will launch their new programs for cafeterias and on-site catering providing recycled plastic durable dishware for catered events.

PCC has been using compostable utensils and compostable or recyclable eco-to-go containers as much as economically possible though we’ve stepped up our game with the help of the student funded Eco Social Justice Grant to get durables on our campuses. We’ve partnered with Preserve, a company here in the U.S. that is working hard to keep plastics out of landfills and especially out of our oceans. Preserve is a certified B Corp and provides 100% recycled, BPA and melamine free durables.

Eco-to-go containers

eco-to-go containerSince 2015 we’ve been incorporating recycled plastic eco-to-go containers at our Rock Creek Campus, this is another student-funded effort through the ESJ Grant that brought an OZZI vending machine to help create a system for students to get to-go containers and return them when they were done. We are now launching a similar program at Sylvania this summer, but without the OZZI machine.

Using the eco-to-go containers is easy and only requires a $3 deposit! Pick-up your container, eat your food and return when you’re finished to collect a token or your deposit back. This currently available at Sylvania and Rock Creek only.

You can learn more about PCC’s journey with OZZI by following either of the links below:

Catering options
  • Linen and China service – $2.50 per person
  • Green option service – FREE!
  • Disposable paper serviceware – currently no charge

Our Linen and China service option sets a more formal atmosphere for fine dining and hosting special occasions.

Our green option service is perfect for casual events, outdoor events, and for highlighting your commitment to sustainability. Everyday tableware from Preserve is 100% recycled, BPA and melamine free plastic. Dining plates are sturdy, 9.5” bright-green, textured and designed for ease of use. All green option serviceware is reusable and recyclable. Preserve is a B-corp committed to improving recycling efforts, creating new markets for recycled materials and inspiring people to consider their relationship with the environment. Preserve products are made from recycled materials and are all reusable and recyclable.

The disposable paper service option is available for smaller events or continental breakfasts where people are expected to eat on-the-go or other reasons make durables not feasible. This service provides small paper plates, paper napkins and paper cups. While we do use paper serviceware comprised of recycled paper, it is important to note that paper used for eating is never recyclable and is not currently compostable in our region. You will need to request disposables if they are needed for your event.