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Curriculum Office – Degree and Certificate Revision

NotebookExisting AAS degrees and certificates undergo review and revisions under the oversight of the discipline/programs SAC. There are many reasons for revising a degree or certificate, they can be curricular changes or program changes, including:

  • Change of course credit
  • Addition, removal, or exchanging required courses in the course of study
  • A degree or certificate outcome change
  • Change in the total number of electives
  • Change in total credits
  • Program title change
  • Program prerequisite change
  • Change in status: open vs. limited enrollment
  • Related instruction the initial submission and changes

The Revision Process

  • Login into Courseleaf through the faculty tab in MyPCC. Click on the degree and certificate management link and do a search for the degree and certificate to be revised.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the proposal
  • Save and submit to workflow in Courseleaf for review and recommendation by the SAC Chair and Program Dean.
  • Once the Program Dean has reviewed and recommended the item, it will be placed on the next available Degree and Certificate Committee Meeting.
  • The Degree & Certificate Committee (DAC) may recommend the program for approval as proposed, amend the proposal and recommend or postpone for further review.
  • Once recommended by the DAC, the program must be recommended by the Pathway Dean, EAC Chair, and Executive Dean for Teaching & Learning Support, and approved by the VP of Academic Affairs.  The revision must then be approved by the state.

Other Curricular Items to Note:

  • Consent Agenda Items (SACs can make these changes in Courseleaf; no committee approval is required)
    • Course title change
    • Course number change
    • Addition or deletion of an elective
    • Change in the number of pass/no pass credits other than the default
    • Degree or certificate title change