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Career Pathway Certificate Development

Career Pathway Certificates

A Career Pathway Certificate of 12-44 credits is part of a connected education and training program that prepares individuals for a job or advancement in an industry or occupation leading to high-demand jobs, higher wages and addresses employer needs. Career Pathways focus on easing and facilitating student transition from high school to community college; from pre-college courses to credit post-secondary programs; and from community college to AAS degree, larger certificate and/or employment. Prior to developing a new degree or certificate, the sponsoring faculty and/or dean must complete the Preliminary Review form. [doc]

As you consider developing a Career Pathway within an industry, start with the end in mind.

  • Are there jobs within the industry that are going unfilled?
  • Is there a reasonable anticipation of employment growth in the industry?
  • Have you consulted with industry leaders about entry level employment and/or upgrading current workforce skills and knowledge?  An advisory committee with industry representatives is required.
  • Is there a subset of courses in the degree or certification that can be packaged to meet industry workforce need?
  • Identify who will be recruited for program participation, i.e. transition from high school,  post secondary education for career changers, career updating, workforce training, ABE, DE, ESL students, others?