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Refunds and drop policy


Refunds are processed differently depending on the situation:

If you drop a class (full refund)

You will receive a full refund if you formally drop a class by the drop deadline. If you miss the drop deadline, you won’t receive a refund and you must pay for the class in full.

Note: You must formally drop a class to receive a refund. It is not enough to not pay for the class, not attend the class, or email the instructor that you will not be attending the class.

If a class is canceled (full refund)

Occasionally, we have to cancel a class due to low enrollment or last-minute emergencies. If your class is canceled, you will receive a full refund. Your refund will be processed in the manner in which you paid:

  • If you paid with a credit card, your card will be credited.
  • If you paid with a check, PCC will mail you a check.
If a class meeting time is canceled (no refund)

Instructors try to schedule make-up classes if one or two class meetings need to be canceled. You won’t receive a partial refund if you can’t attend the class make-up dates.

It may take up to 30 days to process a refund. You may be able to expedite the refund by contacting Student Account Services at 971-722-8888, option 3.

How to drop a class

You can drop a class in MyPCC.

Drop deadlines

Drop deadlines vary for Community Education classes based on class length and type.

Class length Drop deadline
Less than 2 weeks Prior to the first day class meets.
2-7 weeks By the end of the first day class is held.
8-10 weeks Six calendar days after the start of class.
Specific programs Drop deadline
Ed2Go (Online, instructor-led) Six calendar days after the start of class.
Ed2Go (online, self-paced) Due to immediate full access to course materials, drops and transfers are not permitted for self-paced tutorial courses.
1-on-1 classes Six calendar days after the start of the term. No drops or refunds on partially used packages.

Note: Some classes have specific registration and drop dates listed in the course footnote. Those dates overrule the drop deadlines listed above.

Obligation to pay

If you register for a class and do not attend, stop attending, or fail to drop the class by the deadline, you will be responsible for all tuition and fees. Bills that are not paid on time are subject to late fees. See PCC’s registration policies website for more information.

Tuition appeals

If you are unable to complete a class due to circumstances beyond your control, you may fill out the PCC Community Education tuition appeal form.

A committee will meet to determine if your case-specific situation fits the criteria to accommodate your request to appeal the tuition charge. You will receive an email to your PCC and preferred email accounts informing you of the outcome of the committee’s decision.

If approved, you may be eligible for one of the following:

  • A refund for the tuition of the appealed class or classes
  • A tuition voucher of 25%–100% applied to your account (the voucher expires one year after it is awarded and can only be applied to non-credit Community Education courses)