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Chinook Book Coupon

current coverWith your Chinook Book coupon, you receive $10 off any PCC Community Ed class (for new or returning students).


Discount applies to PCC tuition on non-credit Community Education classes for students who have not taken a Community Education class in two years. Cannot be combined  with other offers or tuition assistance except Senior Discount. Limit one per person.

Redemption Instructions

Find classes and register online or call 971-722-6266, option 2.

Once registered, redeem this coupon at any Portland Community College Student Account Services location:

  • Cascade Campus: Student Services Building (SSB), room 102B
  • Rock Creek Campus: Building 9, room 103
  • Southeast Campus: Student Commons (SCOM), room 115 (Answer Center)
  • Sylvania Campus: Campus Center Building (CC), Answer Center
  • 971-722-8888, option 3

Refer to the code listed on the back of the coupon.