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Underage student policy

Unless otherwise noted, Community Ed classes are for an adult audience. However, younger students may be permitted in some adult classes. Note the following guidelines for admitting students younger than age 18 into adult Community Ed classes.

Students 16-17 years old

Students 16-17 years old are permitted to enroll in Community Education classes for adults, except for classes with older age minimums, such as classes that involve alcohol. A Release Form with parent or legal guardian signature is required for students taking any class that involves physical activity or power tools. The form needs to be completed and submitted to the appropriate Program Coordinator by the first day of the class.

Students 13-15 years old

Students 13-15 years old must follow these steps in order to register for an adult Community Education class:

  1. Contact the Program Coordinator of the topic area in which the class falls. The Coordinator will discuss with you whether the class is a good fit for minors and provide you with email, fax, and mailing info for submitting your application materials.
  2. Once the Program Coordinator has granted initial approval, they will provide you with an application packet. Submit the completed application to the Program Coordinator at least one week prior to the first class meeting (or sooner to guarantee that space is available). The packet includes:
    1. A letter written by the student which states the reason for requesting an exception
    2. A letter of recommendation from an educator or tutor which addresses the student’s preparedness for an adult learning environment
    3. A Release Form with parent or legal guardian’s signature
    4. A Consent to Release Confidential Information Form
    5. A Non-Credit Registration Form

The Program Coordinator will respond in writing to inform you if the student has been approved and registered for the class or not.

Some classes require the parent/guardian of students younger than age 16 to be present. This requirement will be specified by the Program Coordinator at the time of acceptance. In such cases, the parent/guardian will also need to register and pay for the class.

Students under 13

Students younger than age 13 will not be permitted in classes that are designed for adults.

Special youth classes

Community Education offers some classes that are designed for younger students. Age ranges will be noted in the class title or description. Check out our Teen, Swim, and Driver Ed programs.