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Community Vision: Become a mentor! Just 2 hours a week can make a huge impact!

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Being a mentor is as simple as meeting with a young adult weekly in the Portland area for 3 months. Just 2 hours a week can make a huge impact!

Mentors are matched with a young adult between 16-21 years old. You will hang out with a friend doing activities you already enjoy – possibilities include sporting events, arcades, hiking, or farmer’s markets. Each mentor relationship is unique – activity options are endless and the relationship is key.

Mentors lead by example to model other friendships, relationships, and social interactions. Studies have shown when young adults with disabilities learn social skills through mentorship, they are more likely to get a job and pursue education as adults.


Lacey Elliott, Dream Builders Alliance Program Coordinator
lelliott@cvision.org | 971.803.0051

About the Organization

Community Vision strives to make Oregon a place where people with disabilities can live, work and thrive in the community of their choice.

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