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Columbia Slough Watershed Council: Coming up! 3 free educational workshops

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3 free educational workshops that focus on our local Portland Watershed.

Slough 101 Saturday, March 24th 9am-1pm

Ever wonder about that slow-moving channel of water running through Gresham, Fairview, and NE & N Portland? Learn about the history, ecology, recreation options, wildlife, industry, demographics and current issues of the Columbia Slough at Slough 101. Slough experts will lead hands-on activities including a tour of a pump station and macroinvertebrate discovery. Pre-registration is required for this free workshop, and light refreshments will be provided. Suitable for adults and teens 14 & up.
Register here: columbiaslough.org/events/event/149/

State of The Slough Symposium, April 5th 3pm-6pm

​Join us for an evening of formal presentations & poster presentations covering topics the latest wildlife research, monitoring, and restoration projects in the Columbia Slough Watershed.Come learn about the latest projects happening by local community partners to enhance The Columbia Slough. Hob knob and network with community partners and find out ways you can get involved or enter into these exciting new fields! columbiaslough.org/events/event/537/

Wetlands 101: Road Trip!, April 28th 10am-2pm

Join the Council and local experts for a hands-on workshop about everyone’s favorite muddy, wet, and wildlife-rich places. Learn about the importance of wetlands in urban communities, how wetland mitigation occurs, and what plants and animals rely on wetlands to survive.

Pack your lunch, park your bike or car, and join us in our wetlands-mobile for a tour of N and NE Portland’s richest wetland spots! Check out an amazing wildlife underpass, several green streets initiatives, talk about the Columbia River levee system and do some wetlands sampling with us.

Tour stops: Vanport Wetlands, Kelly Point Park area wetlands, Port of Portland Wildlife Undercrossing and wetlands, Smith and Bybee Lake wetlands overlook at St John’s Prairie. columbiaslough.org/events/event/115/


Susanne Raymond, Outreach & Events Director
susanne.raymond@columbiaslough.org | 503-281-1132

About the Organization

The Columbia Slough Watershed Council, a non-profit-tax exempt organization, is a diverse group of stakeholders working to restore and enhance the 60 miles of waterways known as the Columbia Slough, located in Portland, Gresham, and Fairview.

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