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RSVP to schedule Learning Garden opportunities for Spring Term by Fri., April 27

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The Learning Garden has opportunities for course collaboration and Community-Based Learning!

Whether you teach science, language, arts, math, creative writing, or any subject garden-based learning can be a great way to integrate classroom learning into the real world for your students. If you are interested in a one-time sustainability loop tour or garden activity for your class, a more involved group project, or assigning volunteer hours for credit, please respond by Friday, April 27 to schedule an opportunity for the spring term!

Volunteer Hours for Spring term will remain: Tues., Wed., Thurs. 9am-1pm.

For more info check out the Rock Creek Learning Garden webpage


Miriam Latzer, Rock Creek Campus Learning Garden Coordinator | 971-722-7655

Experience Community-Based Learning at PCC!

Courses with community-based learning (CBL) provide students with the opportunity to: explore local, national, and/or global issues; broaden their perspectives and enhance critical thinking skills; and become active citizens through community engagement. There are numerous courses that have CBL projects every term!