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Betty and Richard Duvall Professional Development Award 2017-2018

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Community Based Learning

Betty and Richard Duvall Professional Development Award 2017-2018 Awardee: Diane Shingledecker

This year, the Betty and Richard Duvall Faculty Development award was given to Diane Shingledecker, Computer Applications Instructor and Community-Based Learning (CBL) District CTE Faculty Coordinator. Diane has been a member of the PCC faculty for 16 years. During her sabbatical during the 2016-2017 academic year, Diane completed her master’s certificate in Service-Learning/CBL in the PSU Graduate School of Education. During this time, Diane became very involved with the work of local food pantries and the greater issue of food. Upon returning full-time to PCC in the fall, Diane wanted the ability to harness the resource of PCC students to address this community issue.

This award will allow Diane to bring together PCC staff, faculty, and students, including representatives from PCC’s campus food pantries along with community partners who are working to address food insecurity in the Portland area. This group will examine the work that is currently being done and brainstorm ways to extend this work together through PCC CBL classes across disciplines. Diane found that many people in our college and community are doing a variety of things to address this issue, but they are not necessarily sharing what they are doing or pooling their resources/knowledge and working together. This award will provide the means for this group to come together by providing stipends, materials, etc. for meetings and the development of CBL projects beginning in Summer 2017 and continuing throughout the year. Diane hopes that through this award exciting new partnerships will be formed, the PCC community will be more actively address the issue of food insecurity, and a number of new CB L projects will be incorporated into our classes.