Teaching Week 2023

New Faculty Orientation

Teaching Week

Presentation videos

Juice Up Your Jigsaw

From Overwhelm to Thriving: Nurturing Well-being for Instructors and Students in Stressful Times

Engagement & Learning through Independent Authentic Course Research Experiences in STEM

Communication Strategies for Submitting CARE Referrals and Collaborating with Student Conduce and Care Support

Navigating Student Distress: Tools & Techniques for PCC Faculty and Staff

Embracing Inclusion: Unmasking the Adventures of Disabled Students in Community College

Multi-Modality Training and Checklist – Apply it Today!

Climate change is here! Emotionally-aware curriculum and resources for your classroom

Re-Inventing the Learning paradigm to engage student thinking

Incorporating Trauma-Informed Pedagogy in the Classroom

What Faculty Need to Know about Accessible Ed & Disability Resources

Culturally Responsive Learning Objectives

House Bill 2835 — From Policy to Practice

Creating an Online Student Hub for your Program

Engaging Students in Zoom

Non-Violent Communication

Making the Connection Between PCC’s Behavioral Clarification Process and Freedom of Expression Policy

More Than Just “Words, Words, Words ..”

Understanding Accessible Education: Faculty and Student Experience

Empowering Ethical AI Engagement: Navigating the Post-ChatGPT Landscape with Accessibility, Fairness, and Effectiveness