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About the 2008 Bond

Thanks to voters, PCC is stronger than ever

In 2008, voters passed the PCC bond measure during an economic recession that caused widespread layoffs and prompted many people to return to school to finish degrees or retrain for new careers. The result was a surge in enrollment at PCC that put the college at capacity.
Thanks to the bond, the college has been able to make significant improvements, including:

  • Expanding workforce training programs.
  • Updating equipment and technology.
  • Making health and safety upgrades.
  • Adding space to serve more students, including centers in Newberg, Sherwood, and Willow Creek and an administrative facility at the PCC Downtown Center.

The opportunities provided by the bond work have helped PCC fulfill its vision of offering an accessible, quality college education to every member of the community, as well as providing development and job opportunities throughout Portland.

Vision for PCC’s 2008 Bond Program

We create new educational opportunities for generations to come by building and renovating facilities that sustain our resources, delight our students, exceed the expectations of district citizens for superior educational resources, enhance our communities, and inspire generations to achieve their educational goals.

Guiding principles

  • We will design buildings that are conducive to the teaching and learning process, that support the uniqueness of each of our local communities, and that enhance student, staff, and community safety and well-being.
  • We will be transparent in our design activity by involving our communities, students, and staff in the decisions regarding the form and features of what we create.
  • We will manage public resources diligently and prudently, recognizing that the tax dollars we spend are precious and increasingly scarce.
  • We will foster sustainable operations by emphasizing standardization in the systems we install in order that the long-term cost of operating is minimized, maintenance cost-effectiveness is enhanced, and faculty, staff, and students find our facilities easy and pleasant to use.
  • We will recognize the economic importance of this program by having a proactive minority-owned, woman-owned, and emerging small business outreach program, actively hiring local businesses of all sizes, ensuring craftspeople have the opportunity to achieve journey level, and using all reasonable measures to encourage the creation and preservation of family-wage jobs.
  • We will create facilities that integrate well with and enhance the culture, heritage, safety, and architectural tone of the communities in which they exist.
  • We will design facilities that enhance the student, faculty, and public experience, and will manage the program to minimize disruption of students’ educational experience.
  • We are committed to achieving LEED Silver certification, but we will strive for LEED Gold certification for new facilities, and LEED EB in buildings we renovate. Where applicable, new equipment will be Energy-Star certified. Read more on PCC’s sustainability program page.
  • We will seek opportunities to expand our own knowledge in the course of this program, which will be a lot of work for a long period of time. We will take the time to do what we do well, safely, and enjoyably.