Comprehensive Transition Plan team

The development and implementation of the Comprehensive Transition Plan, as required by federal civil rights laws, is a shared responsibility of all College employees and departments. The goal of the Plan is to engage stakeholders across the PCC community to ensure that the Plan meets its goals of ensuring that all programs, services, and activities at PCC are accessible, usable, and inclusive.

As a strategic initiative, the Comprehensive Transition Plan is being led by a cross-functional team, with the goal of engaging stakeholders across the college.

The team working on the Comprehensive Transition Plan includes:

  • Eric Blumenthal, Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance
  • Sarah Rose Evans, Strategic Planning Coordinator
  • Karol Ford, ADA Coordinator
  • Jennifer Gossett, ADA/504 Compliance Manager
  • Amos Hammar, Accessible Technology Manager
  • Anette Hassold, Program Specialist – ADA/504 Compliance
  • Heather Lang, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Kaela Parks, Director of Accessible Ed & Disability Resources
  • Julie YeagerWalker, Project Manager with Planning & Capital Construction

Additionally, the Plan will be developed with oversight and in collaboration with our accessibility committees and their members. The committees contributing to the plan and its priorities include:

  • Accessible Built Environment Committee (ABEC)
  • Accessible Digital Environment Committee (ADEC)
  • Assistive Technology Committee (AT Committee)
  • Committee for Accessible College Culture (CACC)
  • Disability Cultural Alliance/Student Voice Committee

As stated above, the success of the Comprehensive Transition Plan will require engagement by every department at PCC. In the spirit of, “Nothing about us without us,” the plan will also engage and gather input by faculty, staff, and students with disabilities. For more information on how to get involved, please visit our community engagement page for upcoming opportunities to participate.