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Let’s Talk! PCC’s Groundbreaking Podcast Fostering Inclusive Conversations on Disabilities – Join the Second Season as a Contributor or Listener!

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Let's Talk! Podcast Collective“Let’s Talk!” is a groundbreaking podcast at PCC that features students and staff with disabilities. The goal of Let’s Talk! is to break down barriers and amplify the voices of people with disabilities. Let’s Talk! aims to create an inclusive space for students with disabilities both on and off campus.

The podcast, created by a group of passionate individuals, believe that everyone’s story is important. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including health, science, culture, social justice, arts, and more.

As “Let’s Talk!” enters its second season, it continues to grow and represent diverse voices. Let’s Talk! is currently recruiting students and staff with disabilities to share their stories.

Let’s Talk! also provides collaborators with an opportunity to learn more about podcasting. Let’s Talk! is currently recruiting individuals who want to become story and content contributors. Contributors will learn about audio recording, interviewing , copywriting, and formatting accessible multimedia content.

“Let’s Talk!” invites you to join the conversation. Reach out to Carrie Cantrell at to learn more about participating in the podcast.

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