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Come and join in the celebration: May 13-15, 2014

Southeast Center Located at 2305 SE 82nd and Division, the Southeast Center is a modern facility that was built with bonds approved by district residents in 2000. Thanks again to voters who supported another bond in 2008, PCC is expanding Southeast to transform into a full-service comprehensive campus. When you come to participate in the ArtBeat events - you will notice the major construction work underway! 

View: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Tuesday, May 13

Street Dance Workshop and Performance

11:30am - 1pm, Mt Tabor Great Hall

We begin with a 45 minute workshop in street style dance culture of Bboying and Popping, two of the most competitive, artistic, free flowing street dances in the world today. The workshop will be followed by a performance from Portland City Rockers and Soul Trigger PDX w/ guest DJ.

Faculty/Student Reading with Anna and the Underbelly - Music Performance

3pm - 6pm, Administrative Building Community Hall

Join as talented Southeast faculty and students present their original works. The event will be complimented by Portland-based folk music project Anna and the Underbelly. Under the leadership of Anna Tivel, their songs are winding, hopeful and honest.

Samir Khurshid - Artist Talk

7pm - 8pm, Administrative Building Community Hall

A refugee from a small city in Iraq, Samir Khurshid has always used art to survive. Since landing in Portland three years ago, he's also used paint to explain the world as he sees it. Samir layers millennia of history, his own remarkable journey, and hope for humankind onto his vibrant, cerebral canvases. This talented oil painter will discuss his life and work.

Wednesday, May 14

Anne Weiss - Singing Workshop

9am - 10am, Mt. Tabor 145

Description: Singing Across Cultures In this one-hour workshop designed for ESL students, we will use songs and rhythms to boost English, learn some singing skills, create connection and have fun in this PCC Art Beat celebration. All welcome!

Arts and Sciences: A Conversation - Panel Discussion Moderator: Blake Hausman Panelists: Kathy Casto, Brittany Anderson, James Pepe, and Frank Granshaw

10am - 11:30am, Administrative Building Community Hall

Join a multi-disciplinary group of faculty and staff to discuss intersections of the arts and sciences.

Multi-Disciplinary Art Demonstration Fair

11am - 1pm, Mt. Tabor Great Hall

Four talented artists from a variety of disciplines demonstrate their process in an informal fair in the Great Hall. Come ask questions, chat with the artists or just watch them do their thing.

Billygoat (David Klein and Nick Woolley) creates animated art films, which they show to audiences on full-size screens. The duo writes an original score to perform along side the live showing of the movie. They use instruments ranging from the harp, accordion and electric guitar to entertain their fans.

Samir Khurshid will demo a unique style of finger etching he developed while painting sets for a photo studio in Bagdad.

James Allen demonstrates his intricate book art sculpture process. Carving into existing books with a knife or scalpel, he reveals the contents in a new way. All of the pages remain bound and none of the words or images are moved. Instead the pages are cut away one by one to create a sculptural relief.

Baba Wague Diakite begins with a raw greenware platter, and paints images in black and white, using inspiration from mudcloth patterns and imagery from his native country of Mali.

Theresa Weil will lead a collage workshop. Start with a simple unfinished framed mirror and turn it into a masterpiece that will reflect not only your image, but who you truly are. You’ll learn how to combine brilliant papers, paint markers and found objects to create a hanging mirror, bringing beauty to any wall!

Chad Helder - Literary Reading and Discussion

2pm - 4pm, Mt. Scott 204

Portland writer Chad Helder presents his work, discusses patterns of genre fiction, and leads participants a creative exercise.

Chad Helder is the author of Pop-Up Book of Death (Rebel Satori Press, 2010) and The Vampire Bridegroom (Dark Scribe Press, 2011). With Vince Liaguno, Helder co-edited Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet, an anthology of queer horror (Dark Scribe Press, 2008), which won the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in an Anthology. Helder wrote the graphic novel Bartholomew of the Scissors (Bluewater Comics, 2008) and a series of stories for Vincent Price Presents (Bluewater Comics, 2008-2011), several of which have been adapted into radio plays by the Colonial Radio Theatre in Boston.

Thursday, May 15

Perola with Tango Dancer Alex Krebs and partner - Music and Dance Performance

11:30am - 12:30pm, Mt. Tabor Great Hall

Pérola is a Portland-based acoustic jazz group focusing on Brazilian Bossa Nova, Argentine Tango, and American Jazz. Band members bring backgrounds from classical guitar to jazz trumpet to multi-lingual singing.

Daniel Duford - Artist Discussion

4pm - 6pm, Mt. Tabor 127

Daniel Duford is a multidisciplinary artist and writer whose current work explores ideas of power and strength and the mythology of America. Duford will present the use of narrative in his work and discuss his recent three-day performance and workshop in New York, Ringing the Temple Bell.

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