2013 Art Beat Week | May 6-10

at Cascade, Rock Creek, Sylvania and Southeast Campus


Aja, Jeremy and Jessie
Archival Ink-Jet Print on Unbleached Cotton Rag Paper 36x44 by Horatio Law

This year's featured artist is Horatio Law!

Art Beat exemplifies PCC’s dedication to education and community. Art Beat Week is filled with music, dance, literature, sculpture, painting, theater-all things artistic!  From presentations to performances to workshops, you'll find something fascinating to attend. Join us!  Bring your friends and family!  All is free; all are welcome.

Event Details

May 6 - May 10
All campuses and Southeast Campus. 
All events are free and open to everyone.

Featured Artist: Horatio Law

Horatio Hung-Yan Law creates collaborative work with diverse communities, connecting with regular folks and exploring current human conditions.  PCC has been honored by Horatio Law’s involvement in our community as he crafted this year’s featured art.

From photographs he took of PCC students, Law created three digital renderings, using specific, uniquely-shaded small icons that meld together to reflect both the person and his or her personality. The works are named after the students portrayed, Aja, Jeremy and Jessie.

Horatio Law presents these creations to Portland Community College at the Southeast Campus’s Art Beat Reception on Tuesday, May 7. Law will also discuss his inspirations and passions-specifically how we can enrich our cultural fabric by weaving art into everyday life.

If you cannot make it to Southeast Campus’s event, you can attend Law’s presentations and discussions at Cascade and Sylvania campuses (see campus schedules). For more information on Horatio Law, please go to his website: HoratioLaw.com

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Please join us on May 3, 2013 at the Portland Art Museum for our gala “Evening Off-Broadway” to raise $25,000 to endow a scholarship to help students buy art supplies in perpetuity.