2012 Art Beat Week

at Cascade, Rock Creek, Sylvania and Southeast Campus

Featured Art: Beet Meets Meat

Beet Meets Meat
by Yuji Hiratsuka

It’s Art Beat’s 25th Anniversary!

Join us for the silver anniversary of Art Beat and the golden anniversary of Portland Community College. 

Art Beat exemplifies PCC’s dedication to education and community. Art Beat Week is filled with music, dance, literature, sculpture, painting, theater-all things artistic!  From presentations to performances to workshops, you'll find something fascinating to attend. Join us!  Bring your friends and family!  All is free; all are welcome.

Event Details

May 7 - May 11
All campuses and Southeast Campus. 
All events are free and open to everyone.

Featured Artist: Yuji Hiratsuka

We are proud to announce our featured artist and art for 2012: Internationally recognized printmaker Yuji Hiratsuka with his work: "Beat Meets Meat":

Although my artwork is mainly considered representational, I deal with more metaphorical aspects rather than realistic physical evidence. The image bears a slight resemblance to traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, but also express contemporary aspects of the Western Hemisphere.

The human body along with other elements: garments, food (fruit, vegetable, meat, etc.) and plants have been my focus and interest.

The enigmatic figures in this intaglio print are reflections of human conditions such as; wry, satire, whimsy, irony, paradox or the mismatches that happen often in people's daily lives. My figures also employ a state of motion or movement suggesting an actor/actress who narrates a story in a play.- Yuji Hiratsuka

 More on Hiratsuka:

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