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Come and join in the celebration: May 11-15, 2010

Sylvania CampusLocated at 12000 SW 49th Ave., the Sylvania Campus is PCC's largest campus, on a beautiful wooded hillside, between Tigard and Lake Oswego.

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Weeklong Art Beat Events

PCC-Sylvania Art Students' Annual Exhibition

8am - 4pm daily, North View Gallery CT 214

Stop by the North View Gallery to see the exciting new work of 2010-2010 PCC Sylvania art students. Jury-based awards will be presented at the Gallery Reception on Monday, May 10, at 3:00.

PCC-Sylvania Art Students' Mural Project

Courtside Wall of CC Building

Throughout the week, PCC art students will be creating a mural. Stop by often to see how it progresses - you might even pick up a brush and help with the creation!

International Food Fair

11am - 2pm Daily, Performing Arts Center Courtyard

International food vendors provide a delicious accompaniment to the festivities. Enjoy your meal as you listen to live music, pause between classes or simply relax. Thai Mama, Frybread Man and Kathmandu Café offer you a variety of tasty options!

Mother Student Art Exhibit

May 8-May 16, Main Floor of Library

Come and view the creations of PCC student mothers. Sponsored by the Women’s Resource Center, this exhibit supports and honors this group of students.

Monday, May 10

Sylvania Campus Art Beat Reception

10am - 11:30am, Performing Arts Center Foyer

After listening to the music of our own PCC Quartet, Chris Chairsell (PCC Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs) and Linda Gerber (PCC Sylvania President) welcome in this year's Art Beat. Following these remarks, award-winning students will be recognized. Refreshments provided by the Traditions, Rituals and Fun Committee.

Oregon Universial Zulu Nation - Hip Hop/Dance/GraffitiOregon Universal Zulu Nation - Hip Hop/Dance/Graffiti

12 noon -1pm, Performing Arts Center Courtyard

All elements Hip Hop jam! DJs, Graffiti artists, MCs, Bboys and Bgirls make up the four main elements of Hip Hop culture. Come share the experience with the Oregon Universal Zulu Nation as they bring it all together with the fifth element: Knowledge.

The Universal Zulu Nation (UZN) is a pioneering force that has been in effect since the inception of Hip Hop itself in 1974, and UZN continues to represent and innovate the genre while striving for worldwide peace, equality and empowerment. UZN will be performing at all three PCC campuses and at Southeast Campus.

Bruce Conkle - Multi-Disciplinary Art Discussion

1pm - 2pm, Little Theatre

According to Bruce Conkle's website, the artist "loves snowmen, coconuts, fairy tales, crystals, burls and meteorites." Those are a few of the images and props that appear in the artist's multi-tiered installations which utilize art and humor to address contemporary attitudes toward nature and environmental concerns. Visitors to Portland's downtown transit mall will have likely seen Conkle's series of bronze snowmen as they greet commuters and dispense playful warnings on the rising temperatures.

Student Reading - Literary Event

2pm - 3pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

This always-popular Art Beat event showcases PCC Sylvania creative writers reading from their poetry, fiction and essays. This year, Kellen Hopfner, Abigail Krajewski, Sarah Gunn, Christian Hunter and Courtney Nyseth will read from their works.

Student Art Show Reception and Awards

3pm - 5pm, North View Gallery

Come and see what PCC Sylvania students have created! This annual event highlights and rewards the remarkable work of PCC students. Refreshments served.

Tuesday, May 11

Daniel Duford - Multi-Disciplinary Art Discussion

10am - 11am, Little Theatre

Prolific arts writer, sculptor, installation artist and author of graphic novels, Daniel Duford, plumbs a variety of media to explore the mythology of power in American popular culture. A boyhood fan of comic-book behemoths The Incredible Hulk, The Swamp Thing and Colossus, Duford has created his own local superhero in The Green Man, a mysterious green archer who flits through Portland's streets mining this region's home grown folklore.

Faculty Reading - Literary Event

11am - 12 noon, Little Theatre

Enjoy as PCC Faculty members Nancy Casciato, Caroline LeGuin, Judd McDonald and Megan Savage read from their works. Including poetry, fiction and non-fiction, these readings are sure to intrigue and inspire.

Ryan Pierce - Painting Discussion and Demonstration

11am - 1pm, CT 230

A self-described "eco-regionalist," Ryan Pierce's compositionally complex narrative paintings depict a future where mostly the vestiges of human activity remain. Littered with the debris of former industry and evidence of desperate attempts to fend off environmental catastrophe, the paintings do offer some hope through glimpses of small-scale agriculture and other grass-roots communal enterprises. Pierce will be discussing his work and offering a demonstration on his vibrantly hued acrylic painting process.

DIY Lounge - Hands-on CreationDIY Lounge - Hands-on Creation

11am - 1pm, Performing Arts Center Courtyard

She's back! Jenn Nietzel, founder of DIY Lounge, returns to PCC for hands-on crafting. Learn to DIY with blank cards with photos to create lovely "vintage" cards. This is a cool technique that you can do with your photos and ink jet printer! The process is simple and fun, resulting in an old
world or vintage photo effect. Come and check out this radical DIY-kitsch workshop. You don't want to miss this popular event!


Opa Groupa - Music Performance

12 noon -1pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Opa Groupa is the Newest Balkan, Klezmer and Gypsy band to invade the Northwest. With their unique fusion of traditional and contemporary styles, they play dance and party music from afar. Opa Groupa is made up of five members playing the flute, violin, electric guitar, double bass, and drum kit.

Mary Stupp-Greer - Artist Discussion and Reception

12 noon -1pm, Library Lobby

Artist, Mary Stupp-Greer will be joining us today for a reception and will talk about the new installation of her work in the Sylvania Library. Mary is a former instructor at PCC and currently divides her time between the Oregon coast and the San Francisco Bay area. She works in a variety of media, including photography, large intuitive charcoal and pastel drawings, and small watercolor journals. Next year, she hopes to teach workshops entitled, "Drawing from the Intuition."

Zeb Andrews - Pinhole Photography Discussion

1pm - 2pm, Little Theatre

As he shows his colorful and intriguing photographs, Andrews discusses his creative processes and his love for the simplicity and durability of the pinhole camera.

Jon Raymond - Literature Reading and Discussion

2pm - 3pm, Little Theatre

Jon Raymond is the author of The Half-Life, a novel, and Livability, a collection of stories, and winner of the 2010 Oregon Book Award. Two of his stories were made into the films, Old Joy and Wendy and Lucy. He's also the writer of Meek's Cutoff, a forthcoming film by Kelly Reichardt, and co-adaptor, with Todd Haynes, of Mildred Pierce, a forthcoming miniseries for HBO.

Lorenzo Triburgo - Photography Discussion

3pm - 4pm, Little Theatre

Lori "Lorenzo" Triburgo is a transgendered artist who works in digital photography and mixed media, and his photography exhibits, including a series that documents a transgendered man's breast removal surgery, have shown widely in Portland, New York and Los Angeles.

Wednesday, May 12

Phillip Charette - Music and Art Discussion

9am - 10am, Little Theatre

An Alaska Native Yup'ik artist specializing in sculpture, Yup'ik spirit masks, and Native musical instruments, Charette discusses his creations and underlying philosophy about art. Through a hands-on investigative and exploratory approach, his art expresses elements of traditional Yup'ik spirituality, cosmology, and power. Charette's art is rooted in historic and traditional Yup'ik "ways of being" learned throughout his life. But he utilizes his own contemporary style, form, and perspectives in creating artwork. Spirits, Yup'ik cosmology, and spiritual beings are his primary subject matter.

Charette states, "As a mixed media artist I work with numerous materials which include clay, wood, driftwood, glass, metal, stone, glass beads, rawhide, porcelain, feathers, quills, shells, bones, paint, and found objects. A rare Yup'ik art form, pottery is a foundation for my work. Clay sculptures are low fired or raku fired in home made kilns. All teeth, bones, and spirits are handmade of high-fired porcelain. A flame worker, I make my own glass beads. Driftwood masks and sculptures are hand carved in a contemporary style. Traditional wood bending techniques are used in making spirit mask frames and Yup'ik drums. Native American style flutes are concert quality and made of hardwoods and low fired clays (including smoke fired, horse hair fired, and raku)."

"My artistic goals are achieved though constant exploration and discovery of new methodologies, utilizing new materials, and in exploring new art forms. Future artistic goals include monumental work, working directly with bronze, large fused glass, metal sculpture, prints, and precious metal work. Finally, I hope to push the boundaries of traditional art bringing attention to new possibilities in the mixed media art world. And, I hope to expose and educate people about the spiritual world of Yup'ik art."

Tango Pacifico - Art Music PerformanceTango Pacifico - Art Music Performance

10am - 11am, Performing Arts Center | Watch it Live Online

Portland-based quintet Tango Pacifico presents a rare and unique program of the music of Argentinean tango master Astor Piazzolla. The pieces will be performed as originally composed and intended for Piazzolla's own ensemble as part of Tango Pacifico's highly anticipated CD release party. The music of Astor Piazzolla has become increasingly ubiquitous in the concert halls of the world, yet it is rarely performed with the intended instrumentation or with such a high level of stylistic expertise outside of Argentina.

Tango Pacifico features members of the Oregon Symphony (Erin Furbee, Assistant Concertmaster and Jeff Johnson, contrabass) as well as top-notch local musicians (Mika Sunago, piano and John Mery, electric guitar). In addition, San Francisco-based musician Adrian Jost is featured on the principal instrument of tango, the bandoneon. Known to many as the "devil's box" for its difficulty, there are only a small number of technically proficient artists in the U.S., Adrian being one of these few. He will also be playing the bayan on several of the pieces. The ensemble members have studied this music extensively including numerous stints in Buenos Aires and have worked with Piazzolla's longtime friend, arranger, and cellist Jose Bragato.

Astor Piazzolla's tango music was revolutionary and initially offended many of his countrymen who viewed it as a threat to tradition. Piazzolla fused elements of jazz and avant-garde concert music with traditional tango to create a new, highly original style. This was a natural extension of his environment; Piazzolla spent his childhood in New York where he was regularly exposed to jazz and other American musical styles. It was during his time in the U.S. that he took up the bandoneon at the urging of his father who brought it home as a gift to young Astor. Upon returning to Argentina, Piazzolla eventually joined the greatest tango orchestras of the day. He later turned his attention to serious composition including studies in Paris with Nadia Boulanger, who encouraged Piazzolla to embrace the music of his native country. From that point on he never looked back and has now become the world's most famous tango composer.

Note: Adrian Jost will be discussing the art of the bandoneon on Friday, May 14, in the Little Theatre from 1:00-2pm

Carson Ellis - Art Beat 2010 Featured ArtistCarson Ellis - Art Beat 2010 Featured Artist

11pm - 12 noon, Little Theatre

This year's featured Art Beat artist Carson Ellis is known for her distinctive album and web site illustrations for Portland band The Decemberists as well as her many book illustrations, including The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart and The Composer is Dead by Lemony Snicket. Considered by many to be the heir to Edward Gorey, Carson Ellis is one of the most distinctive artist/illustrators working today.

Kung Pao Chicken - Musical Performance

12 noon -1pm, Performing Arts Center Courtyard

The Kung Pao Chickens play hot jazz & gypsy swing, from Duke to Django, dance music, and ballads from the 1920s, '30s & '40s. With Tracy Kim and Jon Neufeld on guitar; Gary Guenther with vocals and on clarinet, flute and sax; and, Tim Acott on upright bass, this fun and solidly professional combo is great for dancing and for listening.

Matthew Dickman - Poetry Reading and Discussion

1pm - 2pm, Little Theatre

Winner of the 2010 Oregon Book Award (Stafford/Hall Award for Poetry) for his work The All-American Poem, Dickman reads from his poetry and discusses his creative process. Poetry reviewer Major Jackson states, "Matthew Dickman's melancholic portraits of impoverished white teenagers dazzle me into the always painful, yet easily forgettable, awareness that many people suffer psychically under the knife of American prosperity."

Sara Mirk - 'Zine Discussion

2pm - 3pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Writer, cartoonist and 'zine creator, Sara Mirk holds a hands-on discussion and demonstration of the process of crafting a 'zine.

Student Films - Film Presentation

3pm - 4pm, Little Theatre

Drama, comedy, documentary and more: PCC student filmmakers exhibit their creations. Come and enjoy this screening of original works.

Thursday, May 13

Graphic Design Panel - Discussion and Conversation

9am - 10am, CT 109

PCC graphic design alumni visit the campus to discuss life after their graphic design education: real-world challenges and entry-level graphics.

Student Composers - Music Performance

10am - 11am, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Join us for a listening session featuring an assortment of new musical works submitted to the 2010 PCC Art Beat Student Composition Competition.

Robin and John Gumaelius - Sculpting and Ceramics Discussion and Demonstration

11am - 2pm, Beginning in CT 119 and continuing in CT 133

Robin and John Gumaelius will lecture about their fantastical and magical mixed media sculptural work. Their whimsical animal and human figures are beautifully made of hand built earthenware and painted, welded steel. Come watch this amazing creative team discuss their work and demonstrate their unique, collaborative process!

Sundowners Performance and Theater Discussion

11am - 12 noon, Performing Arts Center

Sundowners is a 10 minute play written, directed, acted designed entirely by students, produced by the PCC theatre program. Sundowners follows a care worker in an Alzheimer's facility and two people in his care. A funny, touching and thought-provoking story in 10 minutes, followed by a talk-back/dialogue with the audience about the play's issues and about the remarkable process of creating an entirely student driven production.

Sneakin' Out - Music Performance

12 noon -1pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

David Gerow (mandolin), Don Henson (percussion) and Mike "Cheddar" Schmitt, (bass) form this trio that music reviewer John Jane describes as a "concoction of classical, jazz, good ol' rock n' roll and humour…. The band's schtick features the blending of diverse musical stylings into an accordant structure… These guys may not take themselves too seriously, but they certainly take their music seriously."


Don Rood - Graphic Design

12 noon -1pm, Little Theatre

With clients that include Stanford University, Rejuvenation and Pacific Power, Rood’s design work has had a strong presence in the Pacific Northwest for many years. Join us as Rood discusses the various elements of art, marketing and communications that are a part of a career in graphic design.

Tears of Joy Theater - Puppet Show

1pm - 2pm, Performing Arts Center | Watch it Live Online

Stellaluna, the enchanting story of a baby fruit bat who falls into a bird's nest, is adapted from the beloved book by Janell Cannon. Poor Stellaluna tries to adapt to her new home but finds herself the odd one out, hanging by her feet and disgusted by those bugs Mother Bird brings home to dinner. And so begins the re-education of Stellaluna, out of her element and struggling to obey rules for which she's naturally ill-equipped. What a relief when she finally discovers she is a bat! Its message of self-acceptance and celebrating differences is warm and clear.

Keith Achepohl - Printmaking Discussion and Demonstration

2pm-3pm, Little Theatre and 3pm-4pm, CT 125

Keith Achepohl will be giving an artist talk followed by a printmaking demonstration. Keith Achepohl was a professor and head of the printmaking department at the University of Iowa. Since 1996 he has served as director of the University of Iowa Summer in Venice Program. In 2001 the University named him the Elizabeth M. Stanley Professor in the Arts.

Achepohl is known primarily for his watercolors and prints. Much of his work is informed by extensive travels in the Mediterranean region, in particular Egypt and Turkey. Works by Achepohl can be found in more than 80 museum, institutional, and corporate collections around the world, including the National Gallery of Art & Pennell Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, DC; the Los Angeles County Museum, California; the Art Institute of Chicago; the Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid, Spain, and the Kobe Art Museum, Kobe, Japan.

ClubPCC - Music Performance

3pm - 4pm, CC River City Cafe

An intermediate performance space for artists, musicians, poets and dancers. PCC Vocal Music hosts ClubPCC in the River City Cafe. Come and enjoy the music and artistry of PCC students and faculty, including Julianne Johnson

Friday, May 14

Laura Ross-Paul - Painting Discussion and Demonstration

10am - 12pm, Little Theatre

11am - 12 noon, CT 230

Celebrated Northwest painter Laura Ross-Paul will be on campus to discuss her lushly atmospheric paintings and offer a technical demonstration on her process following the talk. Working in front of a live model, Ross-Paul will show her method of building up oil pigments and wax to create the poignant, emotionally charged figurative work for which she is best known. Ross-Paul has been a leading figure in the region's art community for nearly three decades.

Rite of Spring - Music PerformanceRite of Spring - Music Performance

12 noon -1pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Rite Of Spring has been a mainstay of Northwest acoustic music for thirty-six years. Their wide variety of instrumentation and powerful vocal harmonies, along with a genuine enjoyment for their craft, has consistently attracted audiences of all ages.

The group's repertoire typically includes traditional folk songs and ballads, contemporary music from favorite songwriters, instrumentals and original compositions. Their selection of material is a conglomerate of wide ranging influences and a sensitivity toward their broad based audience appeal.

Adrian Jost - Music Discussion

1pm - 2pm, Little Theatre

The bandoneon, the principal instrument of tango music is known to many as the "devil's box" for its difficulty. There are currently only a small number of technically proficient artists in the U.S., Jost being one of these few. Jost will discuss the curious origins of this instrument and demonstrate its incredible power and versatility, and why it is so difficult to play.

Adrian Jost grew up in the French Riviera of Switzerland, where, drawn by a fascination with buttons, he started playing the accordion at the age of six. There he played with the orchestra Les Alouettes de Vevey and the Quatuor Valdensius. Jost's passion for Tango started in Chicago where, in the milongas, he danced 'til dawn. Jost is a founding member of the San Francisco-based group Trio Garufa and Portland-based quintet Tango Pacifico.

Note: Tango Pacifico will be performing at PCC Sylvania on Wednesday, May 12, from 10am-11am in the Performing Arts Center.