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Come and join in the celebration: May 11-15, 2009

Cascade CampusLocated at 705 N. Killingsworth St., the Cascade Campus has a small campus atmosphere in a diverse urban neighborhood in the heart of Portland.

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New music events: "Mr" (hip-hop) and Earl and the reggae allstarts.

May 11-16

PCC Cascade Campus Student Art Exhibition: Made At Cascade

Cascade Gallery, TH 102

See the wonderful new work of 2008-2009 PCC Cascade art students. Opening and Awards Ceremony Monday, May 11, at 12 noon. The Cascade Gallery is open Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm.

Monday, May 11

Chris Baskin - Artist Talk

11am - 2pm MAHB 108

Local ceramics artist Chris Baskin shows images of his work and its development. He also demonstrates wheel throwing and construction techniques along with decoration ideas and glazing demonstrations.

Cascade Campus Student Art Exhibition Reception and Awards

12 noon - 2pm, Cascade Gallery, TH 102

Come and see what PCC Cascade students have created! This annual event highlights and rewards the remarkable work of PCC students. Awards presented at 12 noon. Refreshments served.

The Cascade Gallery is open Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm.

Susan Klein - Artist Talk

2pm - 3pm, MAHB 222

Susan Klein makes drawings, paintings and sculptures that refer to each other, the old work generating the new. Her talk will focus on the importance of process and materiality in the studio. She has her MFA from the University of Oregon and BFA from the University of New Hampshire.

Jesse Reklaw - Artist Talk

3:30pm - 5pm, TH 204

Jesse Reklaw discusses his self-syndicated, weekly comic strip Slow Wave, in publication since 1995. It currently appears in six newspapers around the U.S. and online. Two collections of the strip have been published. Currently Reklaw is working on a comics memoir, one chapter of which was published in the 2006 Best American Comics. After the discussion, Reklaw will lead people in a drawing/writing workshop.

Arvie Smith - Artist Talk

5pm - 6pm, MAHB 221

Arvie Smith presents a slide show of his recent body of work, Chitlin Circuit. He addresses both formal painting issues as well as social and historical issues that drive his work. As an African-American growing up in the South and South Central Los Angeles, his life experience and studies envelop his work.

Michael Fujita - Artist Talk

6pm - 9pm, MAHB 108

Fujita shows slides of his thesis work and development in graduate school and gives a demonstration on kiln cast ceramic sculptures.

Cascade Modern Art Film Fest

7pm - 9pm, MAHB 104 (Auditorium)

Join us for a film about Louise Bourgeois.

Tuesday, May 12

Kim Stafford - Literature Reading

11am - 12 noon, TEB 216

Kim Stafford, poet, essayist and founding director of the Northwest Writing Institute at Lewis and Clark reads, sings and discusses what it means to be a writer—what it means to be human.

Thomas Batty - Ceramics Workshop

11am - 2pm, MAHB 108

Join as ceramics artist Thomas Batty leads a workshop involving the fundamentals of Japanese brush painting and its application to ceramics, including time spent on technical aspects from choosing brushes and preparing stains and glazes to graphic design for surface decoration on three-dimensional objects.

"Mr." (hip -hop)

12pm - 1pm, cafeteria or outside patio (depending on weather)

Isaac Vasquez Garcia - Artist Talk

3:30pm - 4:30pm, JH 107

Internationally-known weaver Isaac Vasquez Garcia from Teotitlan del valle in Oaxaca presents his weaving process from spinning the wool and natural color dying to designing with traditional Zapotec motifs and weaving carpets and tapestries. Vasquez Garcia's work is influenced by Mexican painter Rufino Tamayo, with whom he worked for over twenty years. The slide lecture will be in Spanish with English interpretation.

Co-Sponsored by PCC's International Education

Wednesday, May 13

Alison Clement - Artist Talk

11am - 12 noon, SC 203

Alison Clement's work has appeared in The Sun, The Alaska Quarterly Review and High Country News. She has published two novels, Pretty is as Pretty Does and the Oregon Book Award winner, Twenty Questions. She will talk about her writing process, using examples from her work to illustrate her points.

Daniel Hoffman and Jeff Cochran - Acoustic Guitar

11:30am - 1pm, SC Cafeteria

Greg Kerr’s Unremembered - Sneak Preview and Discussion

1pm - 3:30pm Sneak Preview, MAHB 104 Auditorium
3:30pm - 4:30pm Discussion with Kerr and Karla Mason,MAHB 104 Auditorium

Enjoy the first screening of Greg Kerr’s Unremembered, an independent science fiction/mystery film made in Portland. After the film, Kerr and lead actor Karla Mason will take questions from the audience, and Mason will discuss her acting experiences.

Evertt Beidler - Artist Talk

2:30pm - 3:30pm, MAHB 109

Evertt A. Beilder holds a special place for useful objects, particularly those that we become dependent upon in order to conduct the daily business of both living and working. Tantamount to this fascination is an interest in the way in which these same objects enable us to create meaning and understanding from complex sets of events unfolding in our lives.

Greg Kerr’s Unremembered - World Premiere

6:30pm - 9:30pm Screening, MAHB 104 Auditorium

Join for the world premiere of Greg Kerr’s Unremembered, followed by a meet and greet with writer/director Greg Kerr, music composer Nan Avant, and the film’s lead actors.

Thursday, May 14

Molly Gloss - Literature Reading & Discussion

11am - 12 noon, TH 206

Award winning author Molly Gloss speaks about the research and writing of her latest novel The Heart of Horses, about a young woman breaking horses for a community of ranchers in Eastern Oregon in 1917.

Una Kim - Art Discussion

11am - 12 noon, MAHB 222

Discussing Graffiti in Northwest America,& Kim presents a brief history of graffiti in the U.S., focusing on its social and political relationship in our region, covering a local graffiti artist's struggle through the act of art and prison sentencing.

Earl and the reggae allstarts

11am - 1pm, cafeteria or outside patio (depending on weather)

DriveBy Press - Print Making Demonstration

4pm - 7pm, Parking Lot 4, Albina/Killingsworth West Parking Lot

Come and immerse yourself in prints with DriveBy Press. Artists Joseph Velasquez and Drew Iwaniw will spend the day giving lectures and printmaking demos from their mobile pressroom. DBP has visited over one hundred college campuses and traveled more than 100,000 miles to engage students and share their passion for printmaking. Come see the largest known collection of contemporary prints from around the country and bring a t-shirt for a custom print.

Friday, May 15

Eva Lake - Artist Talk

9am - 10am, MAHB 221

Creator of paintings and photomontages, Eva Lake discusses her work and experiences in the world of art. Lake has worked as a curator and directed galleries, interviews artists on KPSU and is currently producing "Art Focus" on KBOO.

Lisa Conway - Artist Talk

1pm - 2pm, MAHB 108

Ceramic artist Lisa Conway discusses the development of and influences on her work, including historical and contemporary ceramic sculpture as well as the use of paperclay and paperclay building techniques. Her latest work is a series of hanging, illuminated paperclay sculptures.

Sue Taylor - Art Lecture, "Eva Hesse and the Absurd"

3pm - 5pm, MAHB 215

Transforming a minimalist aesthetic in her abstract drawings and sculptures, Eva Hesse (1936-1970) produced a remarkable body of work in her relatively brief career. She relied on materials that were unusual for the time - latex, rubber, polyester resin, fiberglass and string - to create irregular forms that often seem humorous or even absurd, a quality she valued above all others. Professor Sue Taylor (Portland State University) explores how Hesse's personal experience of loss informed her concept of the absurd and how grief and mourning shaped her creative process.

Saturday, May 16

Liz Obert - Artist Talk

1pm - 2pm, MAHB 222

Liz Obert, photographer and installation artist, discusses her process and inspiration. Obert is an Associate Professor of Art at Linfield College. Her work has been shown locally, nationally and internationally. She received her BFA from the College of Santa Fe and her MFA from Washington State University.