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Sylvania CampusLocated at 12000 SW 49th Ave., the Sylvania Campus is PCC's largest campus, on a beautiful wooded hillside, between Tigard and Lake Oswego.

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Weeklong ArtBeat Events

PCC Sylvania Art Students' Annual Exhibition

8am-4pm daily *North View Gallery CT 214

Stop by the North View Gallery to see the exciting new work of 2006-2007 PCC-Sylvania art students. PCC President Preston Pulliams will speak at the Gallery Reception on Thursday, May 15.

PCC Sylvania Art Students' Mural Project

Outside the CC Building, Facing the Plaza

Sylvania's student Art Club creates a large-scale mural portraying students' journey through PCC. If you're interested, you might even pick up a brush and help paint. The finished work is slated for long-term display on campus.

To view the creation process and the mural from last year, please click here.

International Food Fair

11am-2pm Daily *Performing Arts Center Courtyard

International food vendors provide a delicious accompaniment to the festivities. Enjoy your meal as you listen to live music, pause between classes or simply relax.

Monday, May 12

Sylvania Campus ArtBeat Reception

10am-11:30am, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Hosted by the Sylvania Traditions, Ritual, and Fun Committee, the ArtBeat Reception includes a musical performance with PCC faculty Julianne Johnson , John Mery and David Stout. PCC Vice-President Chris Chairsell and Sylvania President Linda Gerber open the reception, and PCC students receive awards.

Ramsey Y Los Montunos - Music Performance

12 noon-1pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Enjoy the lively music of this 8-piece Afro-Cuban Salsa band. Led by Ramsey Embick, this group will spice up your lunch hour with its authentic and original tunes.

Hand2Mouth Theater - Project X

1pm-3:30(?)pm, Starting in the Little Theatre

Project X: A journey through space, time and immortality-across the PCC campus. Explore the universe with Hand2Mouth Theatre as we strive to end aging, define humanity and create a personal time capsule for each audience participant.

Sign Language Performance

3pm-4pm, Performing Arts Center

Discover wonderful adventures via stories, poems, and songs through the beauty of American Sign Language (ASL). Please join faculty, staff, students and professional actors as they share a rich history of deaf culture through stories and poems. There will be a question and answer segment following the performances. See you there! A voice interpreter will be provided for hearing accessibility.

Tuesday, May 13

Doug Smith - Music Performance

10am-11am, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Grammy Award Winning acoustic guitarist Doug Smith also won the prestigious Winfield International Fingerstyle Competition in 2006. Billboard Magazine writes, "Inviting melodies...stunning fingerpicking." Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine raves, "Smith's fretboard brilliance continues to dazzle." His original music has been heard on radio and TV shows throughout the world, including True Hollywood Story and Martha Stewart Living, and his playing has been heard in movies such as Twister and Moll Flanders and the upcoming August Rush.

Kathleen Halme - Poetry Reading and Discussion

10am-11am, Little Theatre

Join for a reading by and discussion with poet Kathleen Halme, whose most recent book, Drift and Pulse, was nominated for an Oregon Book Award. As she states, "The persistent 'longing for shapes as elegant as instinct,' the rituals and fictions we invent to meet the needs of a ceaselessly revised universe animate the poems."

Kathleen Halme - Poetry Workshop

11am-12pm, CC Cafeteria Spruce Room

Creative writers, or simply creative people, come and explore the possibilities of writing and poetry with Kathleen Halme in this interactive workshop.

11am-12pm, Little Theatre

Harry Widman's creative influence as an artist and art educator has been widely felt by a generation in the Pacific Northwest. In an illustrated lecture, Widman talks about his creations-forms initially derived from nature, including the human figure, which are transformed through formal art processes into visionary images.

Orquestra Tipica - Music Performance

12 noon-1pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Join us for this historic and beautiful performance. The Orquestra Tipica Krebs is one of only two Argentinean Tango Orquestra Tipicas in the U.S. Led by Alex Krebs, Bandoneon player, this group will perform historically accurate arrangements from the Golden Age of Buenos Aires Tango (1936-1954). The string section of this group is made up of Oregon Symphony and Columbia Symphony musicians. Tango dancers are welcome and encouraged to participate.

  • Co-Sponsored by the Multi-Cultural Center

ESHTA Student Performance Group with Maia - Belly Dancing Performance

1:15pm-1:45pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Performing Egyptian-style belly dance choreographies to both classical and modern Egyptian music, ESHTA (meaning "crème de la crème") is a group of Maia's students who dance to grow as dancers and performers as well as to have fun. Today's montage includes a variety of dances, from folkloric to fantasy.

Maggie Evart - Belly Dancing Workshop

2pm-3pm, HT 101

Join Maggie Evart in a workshop sharing with students some basic Egyptian Arabic Raqs Sharki dance concepts and movement vocabulary along with some Arabic music and rhythm theory.

Student Reading

2pm-3pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

This always popular ArtBeat event showcases PCC Sylvania creative writers reading from their poetry, fiction, and essays.

Brian Oaster - Artist Talk

3pm-4pm, Little Theater

Portland cartoonist Brian Oaster discusses how he got his start in alternative comics and self-publishing, and how he has become part of a renaissance of creativity and possibility that is happening on the Internet and in print.

Wednesday, May 14

Kowkie Durst - Ceramics Lecture and Demonstration

9am-11am, CT 119

Portland-based potter Kowkie Durst demonstrates her wheelthrown and altered pottery. Durst discusses and explains her sgraffito drawing techniques on her salt fired surfaces.

Faculty Reading

10am-11am, Little Theatre

You know them as instructors -- now discover what they create! Come and enjoy as popular PCC faculty members Gretchen Icenogle, Judd McDonald, Michael McDowell and Josh Otto read from their work.

Vanessa Renwick - Film Presentation

11am-12pm, Little Theatre

The founder and janitor of the Oregon Department of Kick Ass, Renwick is a filmmaker by nature. Her iconoclastic work reflects an interest in place, relationships between bodies and landscapes, and all sorts of borders. Working in experimental and poetic documentary forms, she produces films, videos and installations that explore the possibility of hope in contemporary society.

Portland Cello Project - Music Performance

12 noon-1pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

If you think you know cello, you haven't heard the Portland Cello Project. Described as "Highly talented, highly collaborative and highly experimental… a dream team of instrumentalists" in the Willamette Week, this group will have you on your feet.

DIY Lounge - Hands On Art Experience

12 noon-2pm, Performing Arts Center Courtyard

Traditional craft, diy-politic and craft-activist kitsch! Join DIY Lounge's founder and lead-craftista Jenn Neitzel in a veritable bacchanalia of craft in a hands-on workshop. Welcome to the wide, wide world of Do-It-Yourself.


Light Fingered Five - Improv Performance and Workshop

1pm-2pm,  Performance - Little Theatre
2pm-3pm,  Workshop - Little Theatre

The Light-Fingered Five perform theatrical game structures like those on the TV Show Whose Line Is It Anyway. The group creates comic situations, often involving audience suggestions or participation. Their motto is "No script-no problem." Join after the performance for a workshop that's sure to be a lot of laughs.

Bridgetown Morris Men - Dance Performance and Workshop

2pm-2:30pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

3pm-4pm, HT Gymnasium

Morris dancers have celebrated the seasons for hundreds of years in England. Decked out in ribbons and bells they performed athletic dances with handkerchiefs and sticks to encourage good fortune and fertility for the coming season. The Bridgetown Morris Men keep this age-old tradition alive in Portland. After the performance, join for a hands-on workshop!


Student Films - Film Screening

3pm-4pm, Little Theatre

This year's collection of PCC video shorts includes experimental montages, cutting edge documentaries, and highlights from the Directing Actors' workshop. These project's are a showcase of the craft and art of video storytelling from Multimedia's diverse Video Production concentration.

Thursday, May 15

Graphic Design Panel - Discussion and Conversation

9am-10am, CT 109

PCC graphic design alumni visit the campus to discuss life after their graphic design education: real-world challenges and entry-level graphics.

Student Composers - Music Performance

10am-11am, Performing Arts Center Foyer

Join us for a listening session featuring an assortment of new musical works submitted to the 2008 PCC ArtBeat Student Composition Competition.

Stuart Iwasaki - Graphic Design Speaker

11am-12pm, Little Theatre

Design Director in Nike Sport Apparel Stuart Iwasaki presents apparel graphics and logotypes, from recent Olympic, Team Uniform and Event projects. He will also discuss how a graphic direction is carried through to all sports and teams.

Stolen Sweets - Music Performance

12 noon-1pm, Performing Arts Center Foyer

The Stolen Sweets formed in 2005 with the intention of reviving the songs of 1930s sister act, The Boswell Sisters. Comprised of vocalists Jen Bernard, Lara Michell and Erin Sutherland, guitarists Pete Krebs and David Langenes (both of whom sing) and double bass player, Keith Brush, The Sweets' repertoire has expanded to include material from the 1920s -1940s. Their arrangements are still inspired by the Boswells' tight 3-part harmonies, frequent tempo changes and "knowing shrugs and raised eyebrows," as noted by the Oregonian'sA&E.

Kirk Jonasson & Monica Setziol-Phillips - Sculpture & Photography Collaboration

1pm-2pm, Little Theatre

Join for a presentation on artistic discovery through the sharing of a creative common ground by two visual artists working in widely separate mediums: photographer Kirk Jonasson and weaver/wood carver Monica Setziol-Phillips.

Recto Verso - Multi-Media Literature Performance

1pm-2pm, CT 212

The Recto Verso staff offers a dramatic reading of a crafted collage of literary selections, accompanied by music and images. This multi-media experiment swirls around the central tension between the prompt words: LOVE and HATE.

Nancy Hiss - Artist Talk

2pm-3pm, Little Theatre

Nancy Hiss speaks about the Iraq Names Project, her art work that consists of drawing in chalk on Portland sidewalks the names of coalition soldiers killed in the Iraq War. An acknowledgment of and homage to loss and sacrifice, to date she has drawn over 2,450 names covering over 6 miles of pavement. Hiss is Director of the Interior Design Program and Co-Chair of the Art and Interior Design Department at Marylhurst University

Student Art Exhibit Gallery Reception

3pm-4pm, North View Gallery

Come and see what PCC Sylvania students have created! Doors open at 3:00, and at 3:30 PCC District President Preston Pulliams will present awards to the students. Refreshments will be served after the awards.

Friday, May 16

Stu Jacobson - Stone Cutting Demonstration

10am-1pm, Lower CC Mall by Fountain

Stone Sculptor Stuart Jacobson presents his work in an extensive, hands on demonstration of carving techniques in basalt and granite. A master of monumental scale sculpture, Stu's demo is a great opportunity to learn about the amazing medium of stone!

Anansi - Tears of Joy Puppet Show

11am-12pm, Performing Arts Center

Nationally acclaimed, award-winning Tears of Joy Theatre presents Anansi the Spider, a puppet show based on West African mythology. Enjoy two stories involving the adventures of Anansi, the trickster-bring the kids!

PCC Chamber and Choir - Voices of Soul

12 noon-2pm, CC Center, by Riverside Cafe

The PCC Chamber and Choir will present choral, as well as ensemble pieces spanning the 40s, 50s and 60s. Through individual and group performances our music department will pay tribute to gospel, jazz theatre and Pop, including a medley from one the most prolific songwriting teams of our time: The Beatles! Come, enjoy, and bring the kids to VOICES OF SOUL