2008 ArtBeat Week: May 12-16

at Cascade, Rock Creek, Sylvania and Southeast Campus

Featured Art

Mother and Daughter, by Harry Widman

Come and join in the celebration: art, dance, music, literature and theater - over 80 events at all three campuses and Southeast Campus. Everyone is welcome and all events are free. Even parking is free during ArtBeat week.

Event Details

  • When: May 12-16, 2008
  • Where: All campuses and Southeast Campus
  • Who: Open to the public - everyone is welcome

Art, in all its forms, demonstrates our humanity and is a fundamental part of education. With music, dance and theater performances, demonstrations, workshops and discussions, ArtBeat reflects Portland Community College’s commitment to education and community.

2008's ArtBeat has an amazing group of artists—from internationally acclaimed Baba Wague and Tears of Joy Theatre to Grammy-winning guitarist Doug Smith and Miracle Theater's Olga Sanchez, PCC's ArtBeat is proud to bring to its students and the community a week of beautiful art and inspiration.

Featured Artist Harry Widman

WidmanArtBeat is proud to have nationally and internationally recognized painter Harry Widman as our Featured Artist in 2008.

His work, "Mother and Daughter," is now a part of PCC’s permanent collection and will be presented to PCC District President Preston Pulliams at Southeast Campus on Monday, May 12. After this Widman will speak about his art in an illustrated lecture from 12:30-1:30pm.

He will also be speaking at Sylvania Campus on Tuesday at 11am and Rock Creek Campus on Friday at 1:15pm. "Mother and Daughter" will be on display at Southeast Campus soon and is the centerpiece for ArtBeat’s poster, T-shirt and brochure.