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Procurement and Contract Services


Through strategic sourcing, contract management, and other innovative solutions, Procurement and Contract Services, in collaboration with the rest of the Financial Services Team, strives to further the mission and goals of the College by facilitating the procurement process, mitigating risk, and maximizing value in each transaction. We support access to quality education while advancing economic development and promoting sustainability in a collaborative culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Core values

In alignment with the core values of the College: effective and ethical use of public funds, the dignity and worth of each individual, open and honest communication, teamwork and cooperation, and an environment that encourages the expression of original ideas and creative solutions; Procurement and Contract Services also places an emphasis on exceptional customer service, responsible stewardship, integrity, accountability, and professionalism.


You can also contact contracts@pcc.edu or 971-722-2821.

Authority and governance

The Public Contracting Code consists of three chapters in the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS): ORS 279A (policy for all contracting activities), ORS 279B (procurements of goods and services), and ORS 279C (construction as well as architectural, engineering, photogrammetric mapping, transportation planning, land surveying services, and related services). The statutes contain the framework on which the PCC Contracting Rules expand and provide more detailed information. Specifically, chapters PCC-045 through 049 are the Procurement Rules.

Note: The Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS), State Agencies, and the Oregon University System have exemptions and may have adopted rules that are significantly different than those adopted by Portland Community College. Please contact us if you need clarification or interpretation of any of our rules or processes.


No employee or agent of the College shall use or attempt to use their official position to obtain financial gain or for the avoidance of financial detriment for themselves, a relative, or for any business with which an employee, agent, or a relative is associated. Acceptance of any gratuities, financial or otherwise, from any supplier of materials or services to the College by any member of the Procurement and Contract Services team is prohibited.


  • PCC Contracting Rules
    Adopted by the PCC Board, these are the rules of Procurement for Portland Community College.
  • Bid Locker
    All opportunities for PCC formal Invitation to Bid and Request for Proposals are posted here. (Official location for obtaining documents.)
  • Planning and Capital Construction
    PCC division charged with oversight of district-wide regional land use planning, real estate counsel, and transactions and negotiations, in addition to bond measure related facilities planning and construction.