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ScreenshotHow can video be used?

Video can be a valuable addition to your course(s) as well as to training and promotional materials. Video is particularly effective for communicating stories, concepts, ideas and information in which movement and sound are critical. If movement is not critical, then still images, text, and/or audio may be as effective as video and easier and less expensive to create.

Video Resources

If you know your video need, find the appropriate contact person in our video resource table.

If you think you might have a need for a video, please contact a IS staff person. We can provide assistance in determining if video would fit well with your needs. If it does, there are three options (click them to find out more.):

1. Find an existing video - three different options:
  1. Search the Library collection - it will be the quickest way to have the video delivered for your class.

  2. Visit the Netflix site to see whether the DVD is in their collection. Due to our service agreement with Netflix, these DVDs may only be used for instruction in PCC classes. Complete the form to order the videos. Requests take two weeks to fill. A library representative will approve your request and e-mail you with the status.

  3. Search IMDb (Internet Movie Database) to identify videos and get details about them. Send us a purchase request for videos that are integral to your course content.

2. Create your own video
To explore available options, contact your campus Instructional Technology Specialist.
3. Have PCC's Video Production Team create a video for you