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The courses included in PCC's Asian Studies Focus Award foster a rich understanding and appreciation of the cultures of Asia. A minimum of sixteen credits from the courses listed below entitles students to receive an Asian Studies Focus Award, which will show prospective employers and transfer colleges a foundational focus on Asia. These studies encourage broader reflections about the nature of culture and how it shapes everything from world views to daily life. Above all, the focus award enables students to develop a multidimensional perspective on Asia, its many cultures, and their own life experience as well.

In spring of 2009, PCC officially became the regional center of the East West Center.

Anyone can tell you studying Asia is an all around smart move. My Asian studies have influenced me not just on a professional level, but more profoundly on a personal level. With the program's lush blend of comparative history, philosophy, language and art, it opened my world view, expanding my realm of possibilities, making my life much richer overall.Erin, Asian Studies Focus Award recipient

Focus Award

2016 Asian Studies Focus Award Ceremony

As of May 2015, 101 students have received the Asian Studies Focus Award.

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The Asian Studies Focus Award satisfies Portland State University’s International Studies requirement, INT 216a, Introduction to Asian Studies, with some restrictions.

Note: This focus award is not a formal, transcript degree or certificate, but is a recognition of courses taken to supplement the skills you already have. Focus awards may be earned in combination with a certificate and/or degree.

Student Clubs

There are a number of clubs at PCC that focus on Asia. Please contact the club coordinator on your campus.

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