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What is YESS?

The opportunity

PCC is the most relied-upon institution in Oregon for providing pathways to learning and a rewarding career. Because of PCC, people are changing their lives and achieving their dreams. But too many PCC students do not complete their education. Imagine the impact that thousands of success stories will have on lives, families and communities.

Student success is not satisfactory nor equitable at PCC. After three years at PCC:

  • 15% of students complete their degree or certificate
  • 20% of students transfer with no PCC credential
  • 20% of students have yet to complete their studies
  • 45% of students no longer attend college anywhere

The correlation between race/ethnicity and student success reveals disparities in outcomes.

Goals for YESS

  • Our student population reflects the diverse communities that we serve
  • Our students graduate at a constantly increasing rate
  • Disparities in student outcomes are significantly reduced or eliminated

How we get there

PCC is an Achieving the Dream community college. This means we are part of a network of community colleges across the country who share data and best practices in order to help more students reach their goals.

YESS (Yes to Equitable Student Success) is Achieving the Dream tailored to meet PCC’s needs. YESS is an institutional strategy to:

  • Strengthen what we already do to increase student success
  • Provide a comprehensive rather than segmented approach
  • Increase our use of best practices to help us improve as a student-ready college

We have identified four priorities to achieve equitable student success:

  1. Build a foundation for Guided Pathways
    1. Advising redesign
  2. Continue our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
  3. Increase data and technology capacity
  4. Implement a strategic enrollment management plan

Our intent is to implement these YESS priorities this year through district-wide and campus work plans.