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Diversity, equity and inclusion, and YESS

Our robust efforts supporting diversity, equity and inclusion will be applied to YESS initiatives through:

  • Increased intercultural competency training for staff and students, particularly focused on Critical Race Theory in education
  • Implement, recognize and increase practices, training and professional development related to culturally responsive teaching.
  • Support and increase specific practices and policies aimed at reducing opportunity gaps; including the Men of Color and Pathways to Opportunity initiatives.

For example, the advising redesign work group intends to:

  • Consider the experiences of minority students and their help-seeking behaviors
  • Use Critical Race Theory to inform decisions
  • Improve advising to reach all students and strengthen the cultural competence of advisors
    • So that engagement with quality academic advising reduces opportunity gaps for under-represented students

For more information about diversity, equity and inclusion at PCC, see these web pages:

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