You can display feeds from PCC news or blogs on any pcc.edu page. The feeds include headlines and dates, and optional descriptions or thumbnails. We can also embed Twitter feeds for approved accounts.

News and blog feeds

Use a news feed to pull in pcc.edu/news articles from a specific category, and display them in a gallery.

News and blog feed styling and responsive behavior


  • When using the ul type (which is the default type), the layout is the same as an unordered list.
  • When using the dl type, the layout is the same as a features gallery.
  • When using the slideshow type, the layout is the same as a slideshow.

Responsive behavior: See the layout links for each type above.

News and blog feed development info
News and blog feed examples

Thumbnails and excerpts


Mercy ship with students
Ship Ahoy! Students Tour PDX Dockyard

Eleven lucky students toured Vigor Industrial and the Swan Island shipyard to showcase the rewarding careers that await them in the manufacturing industry

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MT cover
Driving the Semiconductor Revolution

Due to a major need for more workers, PCC is working hard to connect young students and under-served communities to semiconductor education

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Sean and Mackenzie Hotchkiss
Graduation A Family Affair

Father-daughter tandem Sean and Mackenzie Hotchkiss overcome tragedy to earn their associate degrees

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