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You can display feeds from PCC news or blogs on any pcc.edu page. The feeds include headlines and dates, and optional descriptions or thumbnails. We can also embed Twitter feeds for approved accounts.

News and blog feeds

Use a news feed to pull in pcc.edu/news articles from a specific category, and display them in a gallery.

News and blog feed styling and responsive behavior


  • When using the ul type (which is the default type), the layout is the same as an unordered list.
  • When using the dl type, the layout is the same as a features gallery.
  • When using the slideshow type, the layout is the same as a slideshow.

Responsive behavior: See the layout links for each type above.

News and blog feed development info
News and blog feed examples

Thumbnails and excerpts


Her Community College Moment

Restarting her college career at a two-year school was a key moment for Dr. Adrien Bennings' educational journey

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Industry 4.0 High-Tech Factory: Robotics Engineer Working on Robot Arm Design, Using Augmented Reality Hologram to Analyze Conceptual 3D Model. Futuristic Engineering with Digital Technology
Faculty Focuses on Augmented Reality

As the influence of augmented reality grows, instructor Enrique Sanchez-Rivera is introducing the new technology to students of all ages and expertise at PCC

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Retired Commercial Aircraft to Help Students Soar

The donated Bombardier Q400 by Horizon Air will provide students improved training options and help combat the aviation workforce shortage

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Twitter feeds

We shouldn’t be including everyone’s Twitter feeds on the website, but it’s becoming a more popular channel to include. It should only be used for approved accounts, like the main PCC Twitter feed, Poppie the Panther, and the PCC president.

Twitter feed styling and responsive behavior

Styling: We’re using a pretty basic Twitter embed, which includes the tweet and links to follow and view more on Twitter.

Responsive behavior: No change

Twitter feed development info
  • Stylesheet location: /_source/styles/components/_feeds.scss
  • Use the pcc-twitter id="" shortcode.
Twitter feed example