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The footer includes links to high-traffic pages on the website and is the same on all pages. Below the links are the PCC website copyright information and links to PCC’s social media channels.

The footer links are divided into four categories. The links were carefully considered to determine inclusion and placement. Any changes to the footer must be vetted through the PCC Web Team and other stakeholders.


The footer is dark to give it contrast from the content area. It bookends the content area with the site title, which is also PCC sapphire in color. WordPress sites include a log in (or log out) link next to the copyright statement.

Responsive behavior

The footer is 100% the width of the screen on the homepage, and a maximum of 1000px on all other pages. There are four columns on large screens and two columns on medium and small screens.

Development info
  • Stylesheet location: /_source/styles/layout/_footer.scss
  • To update the footer content, edit the file at /_source/scripts/content/footer.html

Footer examples

Desktop view

Footer: desktop

Tablet view

Footer: tablet

Phone view

Footer: phone