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MyPCC redesign

The Web Team launched the current MyPCC portal in summer 2016.

Redesign objectives

  • Upgrade MyPCC from Luminis 4 to the new Luminis 5 system.
  • Update the MyPCC template to optimize it for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Update MyPCC’s logo, colors, and typography to match the college‚Äôs new visual identity.

Redesign goals

  • Use modern standards and technology to better support future efforts, including:
    • Web standards (HTML5, CSS3, WAI-ARIA), Framework (Foundation), Repository (Git)
  • Improve accessibility throughout.
  • Update Course Tools and Sites to the new Luminis 5 version.
  • Implement single sign-on, account claim, account management, and recovery.
  • Better align with recent branding, add school spirit.
  • Enhance usability across multiple platforms and devices.

The design

Designs go through a long process and many iterations before they go into development and eventually go live. Below are some examples of the MyPCC interface through the design process.


Paper and pencil wireframe


Black and white digital prototype

Color mockup

Digital color mockup

Final design

Final digital design