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MyPCC icons

MyPCC uses the custom icons below as part of a sprite sheet. They’re separated here based on channel.

Development info

  • Sprite sheet location: /pcc/images/mypcc-sprites.png
  • MyPCC also uses Font Awesome icons. These are most prominently used in the header for the email, calendar, and logout buttons, but are also used for other small icons such as arrows. Learn more about them in the web style guide under icons.

Financial Aid Dashboard

Icons showing the student’s current status for each step in the financial aid process. Learn more about the Financial Aid Dashboard channel.

Financial Aid Dashboard icons

Don’t get deleted

Icons showing the student’s current course protection status. Learn more about the Don’t get deleted channel.

Don't get deleted icons

My account

Icons showing the student’s current payment status. Learn more about the My account channel.

My account icons


Icons showing the student’s current holds, standing, and placement status. Even though the icons are similar to the ones used in the sprite sheet, for accessibility (the icons need to be lighter) we’re using Font Awesome icons in the placement section of the Term-to-term checklist channel. Learn more about the Term-to-term checklist channel.

Placement icons: green checkmark, yellow warning sign, red flag, calendar

Inside PCC

The bulleted list in the Inside PCC channel uses pawprint icons in place of the normal bullet points.

Teal pawprint icon

Inside PCC channel screenshot

Veterans education benefits

Icons showing the student’s current veterans benefits status. Students without veteran benefits see the yellow arrow icon. Learn more about the Veterans education benefits channel.

Veterans icons

Ready to take online courses?

Icons showing whether the student can take online courses. Learn more about the Ready to take online classes channel.

Online courses icons