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PCC IT change approval request

PCC IT Integrated Change Control program goal is to:

Ensure the use of standardized methods and procedures to foster efficient and prompt handling of IT Services changes, so as to reduce service delivery costs, avoid unplanned disruptions to service delivery, and improve service quality.

For more specific details on the CAR process, please see Change Control Process on Spaces.

CAR types:
  • Standard: Change date is at least 7 days in the future. (most changes)
  • Urgent: Change date is less than 7 days from request, manager approval required.
  • Emergency: Immediate change date to restore services, director approval required.
Please provide a brief description of the change being requested in one sentence or less. Note: You do not need to prepend the title with "CCB" or urgent, etc.. this will automatically be done upon submit.
Change type*
Change severity*
Maintenance window start date*
Maintenance window start time*
24-hour time
Maintenance window end date*
Maintenance window end time*
24-hour time
Important: Please include any outage timeframes, durations, etc.
Note: Please try to avoid any Severity 1-2 work on dates that may conflict with other IT Maintenance, Critical Ops and PCC academic calendar.
Please detail all technology services, locations, and devices that may be impacted by this change.
Please list primary user groups of the services being changed that may be impacted.

All submitted CAR tickets will be reviewed at a weekly Change Control Board (CCB) meeting held on Tuesday at 11am. Please be sure to join the next one to review your request. You can find the Google Meet/Bridge details for the event on the IT Maintenance calendar.