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With PCC WebEasy, faculty and staff can create their own, small website to provide students and co-workers a window into their professional life. There is no special software needed. Just use your web browser to access WebEasy from any computer, anywhere in the world.

WebEasy layout: Your name, Your content, Your classesWebEasy is used to share your academic credentials, professional experience, and details about your classes. Your bio can help attract students to your classes – in fact, for faculty, your WebEasy page automatically includes a list of the classes you are teaching from the PCC class schedule.

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More benefits of using WebEasy
  • WebEasy helps your website meet legal accessibility requirements.
  • Your readers will see an easy-to-read interface that is familiar and consistent with other faculty and staff websites.
  • People can find your website easily. Using WebEasy, your pages are searchable by using the search function found on every page of the PCC website. Also, a link to your website will appear next to your name in the Staff Directory.
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