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From Film to Real Life? UFOs, UAPs, Government and the Media

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UFOs are real, according to the Pentagon. This class offers an in-depth examination of the new congressional interest in UFOs, testimony referencing a secret UFO program and what we can learn from media coverage of the topic.

This class is an introduction to UAPs (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena). We'll explore why UAPs garnered the attention of Congress, how mainstream media is reporting on UAPs, and how interest in the topic has exploded on social media. We will also examine the testimony of government and military insiders who've come forward to share allegations of a secret government program to recover and reverse-engineer downed UFOs, as well as the accounts of military pilots who say they've seen - and flown against - things in the sky they can't explain. Finally, we'll discuss the potential impact that the disclosure of non-human intelligence (NHI) would have on humanity.

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25129RemoteNot applicable
from 6:30 to 8pm

From April 18 through May 23, 2024
Instructor: Brian Anslinger
Tuition: $69 Fees: $0

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