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Prerequisites for Literature courses are WR 115 and RD 115, or IRW 115, or placement into WR 121 is required to take Literature classes. Contact the testing center for information on placement testing.

ENG 104
Intro to Literature (Fiction)
ENG 106
Intro to Literature (Poetry)
ENG 195
Film Studies: Film as Art
ENG 196
Film Studies: Directors
ENG 197
Film Studies: Themes & Genres
ENG 199F
Epic Storytelling on TV
ENG 202
Shakespeare: Later Works
ENG 204
British Literature to 1700
ENG 209
Literature of Japan
ENG 216
Teen and Children's Literature
ENG 220
Comics and Graphic Novels
ENG 244
Intro to Asian- American Lit
ENG 250
Intro to Folklore & Mythology
ENG 254
American Literature from 1865
ENG 265
Literature of Social Protest