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Aviation Science

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An Associate of Applied Science degree in Aviation Science will prepare the student for an exciting career as a professional pilot. PCC offers academic classes at the Rock Creek Campus. Flight training the for airplane program is conducted at Hillsboro Aero Academy's Hillsboro Airport campus, and training for the helicopter program is offered at their Troutdale Airport campus.

PCC's Aviation Science Program is a limited entry program. For more information, including application deadlines and materials, visit the PCC Aviation Science web site at www.pcc.edu/fly.

Aviation Academic Courses

AVS 117
Aviation Study/Professionalism
AVS 127
Introduction to Aviation
AVS 167
Aircraft Systems: Powerplant
AVS 255
Multi-Crew Operations
AVS 267
Economics of Flight Operations

Flight Courses

AVS 125
Airplane: Private Pilot Flight
AVS 135
Airplane: Instrument Flight
AVS 145
Introduction to Comm Airplane
AVS 225
Airplane: Commercial Flight
AVS 236
Airplane MEI Flight
AVS 243
Airplane SE CFI Gnd/Flt
AVS 244
Airplane CFII Flight

Flight Lab Courses

AVS 107A
Flight Prep Private Airplane
AVS 107B
Flt Prep Instrument Airplane
AVS 107C
Flt Prep Intro Comm Airplane
AVS 207A
Flt Prep Airplane Adv Comm
AVS 207B
Flt Prep Airplane MEI
AVS 207C
Flt Prep Lab Airplane CFII/SEL

Ground School Courses

AVS 120
Private Pilot Ground
AVS 130
Instrument Pilot Ground