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Integrative Healthcare (CEU)

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All definitions of integrative healthcare describe bringing conventional and complementary practices together in a coordinated, inter-professional approach. The focus is on the whole person and is client-centered, addressing the individual's health, wellness, prevention, and disease. Factors considered include body, genetics, mind, emotion, spirit, and the community and environment. Integrative healthcare practitioners are guided by science-based evidence and are open to both new paradigms and traditional approaches. The Institute for Health Professionals offers continuing education units and certification-eligible programs to support medical and healthcare professionals and aspiring practitioners in honing their knowledge and skills and optimizing their integrative practices.

CEU 3216
Herbalism Series - Online Holistic Herbalism
CEU 3679
Functional Nutrition - Term 3: Your Practice
CEU 3868
Ayurveda, Yoga, and Panchkarma