Vision and foundations

Our vision is to help develop a multicultural, multi-ethnic, culturally responsive teacher workforce in our local communities who will be skilled advocates for education equity for all students. The foundations of the program include: a focus on recruiting candidates who reflect the most marginalized and historically underrepresented student populations; grounding the program in social justice theory and action; and a mission to create an accessible pathway for historically underrepresented groups to become teachers who will continue on to successful careers in K-12 education.

Portland Teachers Program legacy

PTP students marching togetherOur program builds upon the success and vision of the Portland Teachers Program. The Portland Teachers Program (PTP) was launched in 1989 as a partnership between Portland Community College (PCC), Portland Public Schools (PPS), and Portland State University (PSU). Beaverton School District (BSD) joined the partnership in 2006. PTP was founded on the belief that developing a truly multicultural/multiethnic society requires educators who are not only academically prepared, but who can integrate the richness of their cultural heritage, and that of others, into every aspect of their teaching. Founding director Deborah Cochrane was at the helm at PTP for 30 years, developing it into a nationally recognized program in its strong commitment to diversity, equity, excellence, and community. Over 220 students have graduated from the program, with some eventually going on to administrative leadership roles at several school districts. PTP has a strong alumni network that continues to have great positive impact on K-12 education equity in the Portland Metro area and beyond.