Submit your application

The scholarship cycle: apply in winter highlighted

Applications are usually due at the end of winter.

Finally! Time to apply.

Now that you have written your essays, it's time to submit your application.

  1. Create account

    For online scholarships, create an account. Other scholarships use paper applications - get or print a copy. Don't do this at the last minute - make sure your account is set up and paperwork printed off before the deadline.

  2. Complete the application

    Make sure all required sections are filled out. Generally you can do this far in advance of the deadline.

  3. Double check and submit

    Read application materials again to check for mistakes. Make sure all the required pieces are attached correctly. Click save or submit, and double check that your application has been received.

When should I finish my application?

I would suggest you apply early because sometimes it is on a points system, and early applicants earn additional points.Scholarship Winner

It's best to turn in your application at least three days before the deadline. This gives you several days to fix any mistakes, and to make sure it was turned in correctly. Don't wait until the final hour.

You did it! You can now say that you have applied for scholarships! That's a big deal.