You pay the student activity fee

First day of class at Rock Creek

The Student Activity Fee (SAF) is paid per credit hour enacted by the District Student Council that is distributed across the PCC district based on enrollment. This fee is reviewed by students every two years to determine the program allocations at the district level. Campus-based budget committees allocate at the campus level.

The SAF funds numerous programs across the PCC district including: Grants, Panther Food Pantries, Bike Programs, Resource Centers, ASPCC (student government), Phi Theta Kappa, emergency resources, events and activities, internships, club programs, and more! A further explanation of these programs are on track 6 of this module.

Why should I care about this?

All recognized PCC students pay the fee. That fee supports all the activity at PCC having to do with Student Life and Leadership and you have the right as a student to utilize these opportunities as you are paying for them, so take advantage of the opportunity.