Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Josh Laurie Josh Laurie
Program Manager
I am a teacher at heart and I love working with students as they transition from high school to college. I feel lucky to work with so many students who are thriving at this level. For the last fifteen years I have worked within high schools, alternative schools and community based organizations to help make positive change for students who are underrepresented. My goal is to work alongside all students who enter the Future Connect Program to help them realize their full potential.
Dara Khon Dara Khon
Rock Creek Campus Success Coach
I love seeing students thrive, believing in themselves, realizing their full potential is completely possible, after taking that first step. College is that first step for many of our students. My attitude towards success is, whether you are Ivy-league or self-taught, intelligence can be developed and my role as an educator is to drive, inspire, motivate inner strength and support students to develop a stronger sense of emotional intelligence, self-love and perseverance. My job is inspiring because I get to witness survivors on so many different levels.
Jose Esparza Jose Esparza
Recruitment Coordinator – All Campuses
I have over 10 years of professional experience working in education but my real learning happened a long time ago as a low-income, first-generation college student trying to navigate my way through college. I wish someone had been there to assist me through the admissions process, explaining college procedures, financial aid, and understanding degree options. This is why I relish my role as a College Success Coach. My job allows me to serve students and be their resource guide. As a coach, I’m committed to helping students reach their educational and personal goals by providing help, advice, and direction regarding their college experience.
Becca Moyer Becca Parker
Cascade College Success Coach
I have had the privilege of being a part of the Future Connect team since the summer of 2011 and have worked with teens and young adults since 2005. It is hugely inspirational to see students excel in college who have struggled with school in the past or who have been told that they are "not college material." I work with all of my students to find academic success, earn a degree and to discover the career that they will love.
Tobias Sherwood Tobias Sherwood
SE Campus Success Coach
Grit. Determination. Resilience. These are qualities that help define the students of the Future Connect program. They have taken their talents to PCC—and with zeal and humility I’m helping them take it to the next level. The Future Connect team believes that our students are capable and able of creating lasting personal success. As a member of this team, I am committed to helping each one of my students get what they say they want from college.
Kelly Love Kelly Love
Cascade Campus Success Coach
My passion is working with students to find and reach their educational dreams. As someone who worked and raised children during both college and graduate school, I know how challenging it can be to succeed in school. Drawing on my background working at the high school and college level, I collaborate with students to help navigate every step from the college admission process to completion. I am inspired by watching students discover their self-confidence and abilities throughout this process.
Mike Pichay Mike Pichay
SE Campus College Success Coach
I recall the first time I stepped onto a community college campus—I was filled with self-doubt, anxiety and a lack of direction. However, one thing was clear—I was motivated, and I worked hard to build upon my immigrant parents' sacrifice in providing me with opportunities they lacked in their homeland Philippines. Through earning my Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees and over the past 7 years working in high schools and colleges, I've developed a profound passion for helping talented young people believe that they too can succeed.
Kate Walford Kate Walford
Americorps VISTA 2015
It has been a privilege to become a part of the Future Connect Team this year. As a TA and Peer Instructor in college, I developed a passion for education and after graduating in 2014, decided to continue to work with other students in higher education. I am passionate about connecting students to opportunities to develop themselves as students, professionals, and individuals. Working with Future Connect students and Leaders, I have been inspired by the determination they show to pursue higher education and become leaders in their communities.
William Butler-PaisleyWilliam Butler-Paisley
Sylvania campus Success Coach
Central to my educational philosophy is that every student has the potential to succeed. However, I also believe that none of us can succeed all by ourselves. When a student makes a connection with a mentor, instructors, and peers, he or she can begin a life-changing adventure of learning and personal growth. As a student success coach, I find immense joy in helping to remove barriers so that students can flourish as they pursue their academic goals. My college career began on a community college campus, and it served as a launching pad for a lifelong love of learning and curiosity. It was in college that I “found myself” as a student and community member, and it is now my wonderful obligation to help students make the same discovery.