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Annette d’Autremont

Sylvania Campus Success Coach

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About Annette

I am an Oregon native and graduated from Beaverton High School! I love being a Future Connect coach because of the relationships I get to build with students. It is so special to get to work with students from their final days in high school through their journey at PCC until they graduate. If you attend the Sylvania campus, I look forward to working with you!


Damon Stevens

Cascade Campus Success Coach

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About Damon

My name is Damon Stevens. I moved to the Portland area from San Diego, CA, but I am originally from St. Louis, MO. My favorite part about being a Future Connect coach is getting the opportunity to engage students in conversations about their goals, problem-solve, develop action plans, and provide accountability to enhance their successes.


Flamur Vehapi

Southeast Campus Success Coach

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About Flamur

I am originally from Kosovo, and my favorite part of being an FC success coach is the privilege of guiding my students through their college journey and witnessing their growth from the time they start with us until they graduate (or transfer). Celebrating their academic achievements and watching them develop into independent thinkers and leaders is incredibly fulfilling for me in this position.


Gabby García

Transfer Specialist

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About Gabby

I am from Newberg, Oregon. I was First-gen and low-income when I was a college student at Oregon State University. My favorite aspect of coaching is working with First-gen students as we share this similar background. I enjoy guiding students who are eager to take their next steps. I thrive on assisting them as they venture into new academic environments, exploring fresh opportunities, and pursuing their career aspirations.


Hellina Gesese

Cascade Campus Success Coach

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About Hellina

I am passionate about supporting and empowering young adults to succeed in their personal and professional goals, and I am excited to continue that work as part of the Future Connect program at PCC Cascade Campus. In my personal time, I enjoy watching movies, reading, attending live cultural events, and spending time with my family and friends.


Jing Xu

Outreach Coordinator

About Jing

I am from Klamath Falls, Oregon. I was a first-generation, low-income student whose dream was to go to college but didn’t know how or if it was even possible. Thanks to a scholarship and support program at the University of Oregon, I was able to graduate with no student loans! My goal is to advocate for underrepresented students who need that extra support regardless of their identity or background


Jordan Sumner

Southeast Campus College Success Coach

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About Jordan

I’m originally from Illinois but have lived in Oregon for over ten years now. My favorite part of being a Future Connect Coach is getting to know our students and helping them navigate challenges as they reach their goals


Lisa Lam

STEP Navigator

About Lisa

I grew up in the Beaverton area and went to Beaverton High School. I am so happy to be the Future Connect STEP Coach because I love working with students. I look forward to helping students navigate complex higher education systems.


Mar Hernandez

Southeast Campus Success Coach

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About Mar

My favorite part about being a coach for Future Connect is to tag along with students while they discover their career path. I am also amazed how transformation happens from day one where students start and see them at graduation and on their way to their next step in life.


Nereida Macias

Rock Creek Campus Success Coach

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About Nereida

I am originally from Northern California (Modesto, CA), I find joy in coaching students as they navigate their academic and career paths. Being able to introduce first-generation college students to new opportunities and empower them to explore their options is incredibly rewarding. As a first-gen college student, I empathize with the challenges of the journey and feel privileged to assist students at every stage of their exploration.


Suzanne Hesse

Future Connect Program Manager

About Suzanne

I am from Scappoose, Oregon and I attended Portland State University where I studied History and English and then went on to teach in a variety of colleges and universities. I was a Coach for Future Connect at Southeast before becoming manager and I am so honored to work with and for this amazing team to support our students.  The strength of Future Connect is the relationships we are able to build and maintain with our students throughout their journeys and see them achieve their goals is the highlight of my career.


Vanessa Hernandez

Rock Creek Campus Success Coach

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About Vanessa

I was born in the United States but raised in Colombia. What I cherish most about being a Future Connect coach is building meaningful relationships with my students through holistic support, including academic and personal guidance. I find immense satisfaction in helping them overcome challenges and witnessing their journey toward college success. I firmly believe in the unique potential of every student!